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2018 New Year New Mom – Goal Setting

how to set and achieve goals

Let’s talk about New Years Resolutions, Goal Setting and Priorities for moms.

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We all know how busy life is a mom.  There is always so many plates to juggle. Maybe you are looking back at last year and thinking, I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to accomplish.  One area of my life took over, I had no balance.  I didn’t reach any of my goals.

I have done a lot of goal setting exercises over the year and I am a sucker for change and a fresh start.  I love starting a fresh new year but as a mom, with kids still home from school I feel like next week will be the true fresh start because we will be back to our regular routine…right now I am still in vacation mode!

This is a goal setting exercise I came up with based on inspiration from many people over the years.

Before we get into my workbook I have found THE BEST planner for Goals – I picked mine up (promising myself I wouldn’t buy another planner as I already have 2 for 2018) but this one was THAT good. I found it on Amazon. Seriously I love this planner.    I plan on making a video about it so you can get a glimpse of what is inside.  I will link it here. (Also you out in your own dates so you can start it whenever you want!)

The first thing you need to do is reflect on 2017.  How I like to do this is write out each month, sit back and reflect on significant events that happened and lessons learned from each of those things.

Write down both negative and positive but do not ponder on the negative.  Part of a new year and a fresh start is releasing negative and toxic things from your life.

If you suffered through a negative year, I would even suggest writing down everything negative and read over it a couple of times and then rip it up or throw it in the fire.  Don’t bring that junk into 2018 with you!

I have designed a cute printable to make this exercise a little more fun and organized!

At the bottom of this I write down my overall lesson for 2017 – for me, this was “This year I learned  that I want my life to have major purpose, that I need to do more good and focus on others, and that I need to leave negativity behind me”

Next, you want to write down your resolutions, goals, and priorities.  Based on what you learned in 2017 you can now clearly define these three areas in your life. (Resolutions, Goals, Priorities) . You also want to set your Motto, Word, and Bible verse or Mantra if you are not a believer.

My Motto: “Pursue good and purposeful things, do more and help others, God’s got my back”

My Word: Action

My Verse: Luke 11:9 And I tell you, Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you (ESV)


These are things your resolve to do more of an overall idea than specifics.

For example my resolutions are:

Drink more water

Get more sleep

Spend more time reading the bible

Spend more time reading

Be a better wife

Be a better mom

Be more organized

Create more – book – boutique

Work and hustle harder

Get healthy for one and for all, no more yo yo-ing

Wake up before my kids

Be consistent

Stick to a budget


Be bold

Focus on Well being and Self Care


Goals are specific, give them a timeline and give them an action plan.  Base your goals off of your resolutions but you really need to put an effective plan in place or you will never achieve your goals.

For example:

Create a content schedule for the whole year, add to planner, break down in trello, plan batch days, plan edit days, plan upload and publish times, plan marketing, schedule – Complete by January 15th

Finish book – email editor, upload, print, plan launch – Complete for January 31st

Launch store – Finishing Branding, Photograph, finish website, plan launch

Lose ___ lbs – Go to the gym Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays (add more once consistent), meal plan 2 weeks at a time, grocery shop on Thursdays, plan cheat meals, set alarms for daily water intake reminders

Do not go overboard with goals, write all your ambitions down in the resolution area. I suggest you write one to two specific goals for each of the following categories.

  • Spiritual
  • Relationships
  • Health and Wellness
  • Career/Finance
  • Self Development

Then tackle one goal at a time.  As good as moms are at multi-tasking when it comes to truly crushing a goal you need to be laser focused.  So for me, that is setting up my content schedule for the year.  A lot of my life is tied up in my business right now and I will only get better if I am consistent, which is why I am choosing this as the first goal to crush.

Some goals are a daily habit such as drinking more water, doing a devotional, and working out. I would write down habitual type goals on a separate paper as a reminder that daily this is what you need to do to achieve your dreams.  Focus on implementing these positive habits daily.

Goal setting Exercise


When you have a lot going on, like most moms in Canada and the USA the art or prioritizing is essential.  It is not likely you will cross off every item on the to-do list every single day, so you need to prioritize what comes first, and what is ok to wait for another day.

For example:

Put God first

Focus on family, friends and building relationships,

Focus on my health

Create MORE

Sleep More

This helps to bring a little bit of balance.  When you feel like one area of your life is overtaking another area, look at your priorities list and remind yourself where and what you need to be spending your time on.

So please check out the printables and let’s make 2018 our best year yet!


Goal setting

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