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The Connected Child – 

Understanding trauma and early brain development is vital to success as a foster or adoptive parent. Love isn’t enough. Love and education is though.

I read this book early on and I am ready to read it again as I have learned through experience, I know more of the concepts will make more sense to me and I can better help when my daughter is struggling. 

The Connected Parent

This is a new one and is co authored by Karyn Purvis who wrote the Connected Child and Lisa Qualls from One thankful Mom. She has an amazing testimony and I have seen her speak a few times. 

This book helps you better understand yourself so that you can better understand your child. We often parent from our own experience and trauma and it is essential to work through these things in order to better understand and better help our kids. I read this one up so quickly it was full of helpful information. 

The Whole Brain Child

This one goes hand in hand with the connected child. I never really knew before becoming a foster or adoptive parent how important it was to try and really understand the braind and brain developmennt in order to decipher behaviour and be able to help. 

I think all of these books helped me from going from

“How do I fix my child’s behavior” to “my child is really struggling, how can I help them in their struggle”

This is the essential thing to understand about trauma. Not to fix but to help understand and facilitate healing with different parenting strategies. 

These books all helped me with empathy for my child and for their birth parents. 

I am going to leave some short videos linked that are great to help you explain connected parenting. 

These Videos are TBRI videos which is Dr. Karyn Purvis' attachment parenting training. You can find these videos on YouTube