Worship is one of the single most important things we can do to honor God. He demands it of us in fact. We often hear the word worship and we think music… and while music is one beautiful, spirit filled way to worship God, worship is so much more. 

Worship is sacrifice

Worship is denying yourself

Worship is loving God with your whole heart mind strength. 

Worship is a daily choice. 


God wants you to talk to him. He created you to be in relationship with him. Intimacy in Christ is such a gift. So pray. Over the big things and the little things and the hard things and the insignificant things. Praise, repent, ask and yield (comes from David Platt) or surrender. 

Think of how much you love your child or children. You want to know when they have an injury or trouble at school, or an internal struggle. You want to help them when they are ffeeling upset, angry, grieving…. you get where I am going with this. God loves us sooo much more than we love our kids and I know you love your kids a lot. God is love. Prayer is how we communicate and build relationship. 

Use a prayer Journal 

Pray with a habit like every time you turn on the car or brush your teeth. 

Start and End your day in prayer. Even if the rest of your day gets super hectoc and toddlers are tantruming and milk is being spilt and you are running late again… make time in the am and the pm, even if it is just laying in bed a syou wake up and closing your eyes before you go to sleep. 



In any successful relationship there needs to be an evident commitment. Not just sometimes, not just when we are feeling like it, but an intentional commitment. When we set aside time ( i prefer the morning, my day is always better when I start it with the Lord) an evident committment also shows in out actions. I believe Christians should stand out, not blend in. We are meant to be diffferent. Jesus says we will be hated. I mean look what they world did to our saviour. Hung him on a cross, after being brutally tortured, humiliated and  criticised. But guess what we do not live for the this short sliver of life here on earth. We live for eternity and we need to run our race well. We need to live a life of continual committment and striving for excellance. We will never be perfect or good enough but Jesus’ life of no sin is a life we should be trying to emulated. He is the target and our words, and most importantly our actions should move us closer and closer into the middle of that target. Closer to the heart of God. We do not want to get ot the enf of our lives and say we believed in Jesus but when we die to hear “depart from me I never knew you” 

Be committed in worship, in prayer, in our time, in our actions, in our words, in our relationships. 

Be the light. Our world so despartly needs light and HOPE that only Jesus can provide. He is the way the truth and the light, no one comes to heaven except through him .