When the sun is high in the sky, your home comfort can suffer from the heat. With children in tow, a warm house can rapidly become the worst of your nightmares. Kids who can’t sleep because of the temperatures keep you awake too, and by the end of the summer, everyone is feeling exhausted. Besides, the summer is a supposed to be a fun season filled with beach holidays, yummy ice creams and cheeky family barbecue parties. It’s the perfect season to relax together, so it’s essential that you don’t let the heat wave come in between your family time. Here are 4 simple decor tips to create a fresh interior, even when it’s close to 100°F outside.
Pastels and whites for the win
Did you know that dark and warm-colored furniture can influence how you perceive the temperature in the room? A chestnut-colored chest of drawers gives a winter feeling to the room, making you feel as if you were standing in a heated room. You may not want to change your furniture for the hot season. But there’s one thing you can do to change the decor for the better: You can paint your furniture white or light pastel colors using chalk paint. Chalk paint is an easy paint to apply for amateurs, and it won’t take you more than an afternoon to finish a set of chairs and a table!

Don’t let the sun in
In summer, the sun is your worst enemy. It shines inside the rooms, increasing the temperatures indoors dramatically. To keep your home cool, you might want to consider the addition of window fashion items, namely you can find elegant blinds at Carpet One. Indeed, blinds can keep the direct heat out while letting the light in. Ultimately, you should keep yours down throughout the day: You can open your blinds and windows when the sun goes down.
Seriously COOL bed sheets
Your summer bed sheets don’t also need to have a seasonal pattern. They should also keep your cool at night. Organic cotton and linen are some of the best fabrics for warm nights as they help your body to regulate its temperatures by letting the air circulate. Linen, especially, has a large woven structure, which means you are less likely to wake up sweaty. Additionally, linen sheets get softer the more you wash them. Organic cotton with a low thread count is also a fantastic choice for the summer. Ultimately, the lower the thread count, the easier it is for the air to circulate. Aim for 400 as a rule of the thumb.
Glorify your water
Finally, you can add an elegant carafe filled with water – or a flavoured-water recipe – to keep you hydrated during the day. It’s a common mistake to grab a soda out of the fridge, but don’t be fooled by the fresh can. Water is the best ingredient to cool down your body. So remember to prepare one of two carafes to keep on your kitchen top during the day. These can look very decorative, and they’re also your best ally against the weather.

In conclusion, your decor can transform your perception of the heatwave. In fact, it can even soften the hot and sweaty interior to create a fresh and cool home.
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