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4 Baby Must Haves


One of my favourite things about Instagram is the awareness it brings to online shops, and businesses.  I am constantly discovering new products that as a mom of 4, I am very interested in.  Some of the things I look for are just plain cute things, but others are very useful, and they make life with littles so much easier.  One of my favourite new baby must haves, that I wish I had 4.5 years ago with my first is the dockAtot.

I had seen a friend post her precious little newborn in one of these amazing little beds, and she is known to have the hottest baby items for her kids, so I knew I had to know more!  Before I had the chance to research it, I saw it pop up on another friends Instagram.  What were these little beds all about?

I headed over to their website, and after looking around, I knew I needed one! People were claiming that it helped their baby’s sleep better.  As a foster mama who hasn’t slept through the night in 7 months, anything that helps a baby sleep better is worth a shot!  I received mine in the mail and I was like a kid on Christmas morning

The dockAtot is many things, it is a safe little cocoon for babies.  Babies can sleep, play and relax in there.  The best part about it, is that it is portable.  You can use it in a playpen, crib, as a co sleeper, or just on the floor.  It keeps a consistent sleeping environment for your baby no matter where your families travels take you.

The mattress is super soft and has a great bearing capacity to relieve pressure on the head.  This was especially important for me as, currently one of our foster babes has a super flat head, and we are trying to do all we can to correct that.

The bumpers on the dockAtot can be used to position her, so we can alternate her sleeping positions.  It also reduces the startle reflex that young babies have because its basically like a giant warm hug!

A great alternative for play time, especially tummy time! Our girl doesn’t like to be on her tummy but it helps to keep her there so she can work on her muscle development.  It is safe, and hypoallergenic, and the bumpers are air-permeable, so I don’t have to worry about suffocation.



Wake up sleepy head


Big Stretch!


You can use the Grand to transition baby from crib to toddler bed as the bumpers act as bed rails and it gives the littles a comfortable, familiar feeling as they get into their new bed! (Like I said I wish I had this years ago)!!

Overall dockAtot has made a spot on product that was missing in the baby item industry.  One of my favourite parts about it is that if my girl is fussing, and won’t settle back to sleep I lift her right up while in the dock, and put her in bed with us.  She always settles when we co-sleep and even though that is not my favourite parenting practice (mama is a bed hog who loves her sleep) it works great, and I don’t have to worry about rolling over on to her. She is safe in her little cocoon.


The dockAtot comes in 2 sizes the Deluxe for babies 0-9 months and the Grand for babies 9-36 months. It comes in pristine white or 6 adorable print options! We choose the Mod Pod print, as I love the black and white contrast, and it is gender neutral, as we will use the dock for years to come!   I love this item and I am excited for the day the foster agency calls us with a newborn, so I have the excuse to get the Deluxe in addition to our Grand!

Another thing I am looking for on Instagram is organic, high quality, and sustainable items.  There is too much crappy out there, and it is nice to see that more and more companies are meeting the modern day mamas needs.  Don’t get me wrong I am not a super crunchy mama who only uses wood toys, I am a fan of the loud plastic stuff to but any time I find an item that is sustainable it makes me feel good!

Insert Finn+Emma.  A company who produces 100% organic items, from clothing to toys, to my most favourite baby must have muslin.  I am a huge fan of swaddling babies, ever since my first who was very much a sensitive, “the world is too much for me” kind of babe.  When a mama friend showed me how to perfect the swaddle it changed my baby girl from crying all the time to calming right down when in a swaddle.

Most receiving blankets are far too small for this purpose, I learned about muslin and fell in love.  They were the perfect size for a swaddle.  The more experience I had being a mom, the more I realized how multi purpose and amazing a good quality muslin is.  When I was looking through the website and saw Finn+Emmas muslins I knew that would be the first thing I ordered from them!

I was so excited when I received my swaddles from their hipster collection. The peach and tangerine triangle print is officially the cutest print I own, and I love how deep and rich toned the rose red one is! These swaddles are also the largest and softest I have ever owned made of 100% organic cotton and are 47″ by 47″.  Which is great because I use these for everything from car seat cover, to a playtime blanket.  They also work great as a nursing cover up, and both my baby girls carry them around, and use them as their security blanket.   I can’t wait to try out some of the other items from Finn+Emma.  I pretty much love everything in their hipster and sailor collection!




The next item on this must have list is,  this adorable shopping cart hammock from Binxy Baby.  With 4 kids 4 and under, and one still in the infant seat, grocery shopping was next to impossible.

This genius little baby hammock makes it possible! Our babe is 8 months and can sit on her own, but still isn’t quite ready to sit in the cart as she will topple over, and can hurt herself with the cart moving.  She is also 20 lbs and way too heavy to carry around in the infant car seat anymore so the hammock is perfect for her.

She loves to be able to look all around, and I love that I can fit groceries under her cute little bum. She gets lots of attention from other shoppers which she loves, and as long as they don’t try to touch her I love that too!

Another cool thing  is that you can actually put your car seat (with baby in it) right into the hammock.  It has a buckle to keep the seat locked down and safe! A safer alternative than clicking your car seat right onto the top of the cart.  Clipping directly to the cart isn’t safe as it makes the cart top heavy and can easily topple over.





The Binxy Baby Hammock holds up to 50 lbs, and is made of a double layer quality fabric with an adorable print! I got their newest print, which is the triangles, and I love it! Super cute!!

This product would be amazing for twin mamas, or any mamas with multiple young kids really! It folds up nice and compact and easily tucks into my diaper bag (or backpack haha lets be serious I’ve got 4 littles, an over the shoulder bag doesn’t cut it anymore).  So there is always room in there for my hammock, and I don’t leave to go shopping without it.


Last but not least on this list, is the adorable Milestone cards, from Milestone.  I for one love all the adorable Pinterest worthy ideas to mark milestones, but my life is super hectic.

Fostering means our 2 youngest babes have a lot of appointments, and visits, and I am always on the go.  I barely remember to write the milestone down, let alone make a cute photo of every one of my 4 kiddos special markers in their lives.

These cards make this super easy, they are so cute, and they cover every major milestone, I have the original baby cards, but they have them for toddlers, pregnancy, special moments, first words and quotes, newborn addition etc.  Go check them out here.











Do you know of other baby must haves that are new to the scene?  Leave a comment below so I can check them out! I love finding new products that make life with the babes easier!!

This post was sponsored by the above brands, but all opinions are my own.



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