“Love Makes a Family” Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Beautiful, lightweight swaddle perfect for a baby who has come to a family, any other way than the traditional way.  Love truly does make a family.

Babies first see the bold contrast of black and white.  These muslin blankets were designed to stimulate baby's brain development with a splash of bold color to encourage their vision as they grow.

Perfect as a gift for someone who has adopted a child.

Made from 70% Organic Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton - muslin has been used for years.  It is very breathable making it the safest choice for your baby.  These muslin blankets are pre-washed, incredibly soft and get softer with each wash.

47" by 47" in size makes these muslin blankets versatile for many uses.  Use as a swaddle,  nursing cover, stroller or car seat cover, burp cloth, floortime play mat, diaper change mat, or just a lightweight blanket for hot temperatures.   Due to its beautiful and not quite traditional baby design, these muslin blankets can also be used as decor.  Try hanging it above your baby's crib for beautiful and safe nursery decor.


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