We have lived in Nicaragua for 2 months now. Overall we are adjusting well. 

A couple months before we were planning to move, we found out we were expecting a surprise baby. Having a baby in Nicaragua wasn’t exactly part of our plans but we are so thankful for this tiny miracle growing in my womb. 

We live in a very remote part of Nicaragua right now called Playa El Coco. It is a half hour drive to the nearest town. An hour to the nearest city and 3 hours to the capital city of Managua where my doctor and hospital are located.  We will be moving closer to the capital city in a couple months – about 6 weeks before baby boy is due to arrive but for now visiting my doctor is an all day event.

Come along for a day in my life. Because I needed extra bloodwork (the 3 hour gestational diabetes test) we came the night before and I stayed in a missionary guest house. We also hit up Price Smart or our local Costco to stock up on some things (mainly for Rosie) that we can’t find anywhere else!  We also needed to find a large bucket for her to have a bath in and to use for washing laundry!