Hey mama! I am so glad you are here! 

My name is Kait and you can read more about me here, but for now let’s talk about why the Love Mother Blog exists…

This Blog is for Christian mothers who want to live out their motherhoods, faithfully, intentionally and driven by purpose. 

I see so many moms in the body of Christ, who are feeling overwhelmed and struggling with worldly distractions. And before you think I am judging you, please know my hand is raised high right now. 

We were born for such a time as this, but there are unique troubles with being a millennial mama raising our littles in a time that is truly so different then it was for mothers in the past. 

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Social media has brought on a whole other level of comparison, falling prey to believing lies, mom shaming and guilt, and disconnection from real community. It has us swept up in worldly distractions which blind us from focusing on what is really important. 

Loneliness, anxiety, materialism and overwhelm are rampant in today’s mothers. (Trust me, I was there)

We are surrounded with the message that motherhood means hard. It means no time for you. Where mothers are seemingly victims to their motherhood and need to drown the hardness with a glass of wine every night. The need for self care through escape seems so prevalent. 

Yes motherhood is hard, overwhelming, messy, mundane and full of self sacrifice but I’m here to remind you that motherhood is a beautiful gift. 

As women of God we need to live out our motherhoods with our eyes focused on Him. 

What if we choose well, remove worldly distractions and live each day focused on the gift of motherhood, being faithful, intentional and purposeful? This is where true joy and abundance are found. 

My heart’s desire is to help moms like you to cultivate a faithful, intentional heart and home and to provide encouragement, inspiration and solutions to faith and motherhood struggles. 

I am passionate about moms who want to thrive not merely survive. I am here to help make #momlife a little easier and live it out with kingdom purpose. 

At the end of your life, do you want to hear “well done, good and faithful servant?” Do you want to know you choose well and that your life had meaning and true happiness? Do you want an abundant life in Christ?

I know if you are a Jesus believing mama, then the answers to the those questions are yes. 

Let’s live a motherhood that is faithful, intentional and purpose driven. No regrets.  

A big part of this blog is FOSTER CARE & ADOPTION - GOD'S CALLING ON MY LIFE...

I found my purpose 5 years ago. 

Adoption has always been on my heart. From a very young age my heart has been broken for orphans and vulnerable children. Kids growing up without happy, stable, loving families is one of life’s greatest tragedies. I am passionate to do whatever I can to help. 

God gave me the gift of motherhood through my biological daughters, but then used that gift to open my eyes to the foster care and orphan crisis and called me to care for more children. 

He provided me with a deep love for kids who need a mom, a loving husband, a cozy home, and a supportive community. How could I close my eyes to all that and just live “comfortably”?

Even though our foster care and adoption journey has not always been easy, it has made me so happy. It has been so worth it. My life has so much purpose because of it. 


When we put God first, everything else falls into place


Minimalism, systems and routines to reduce overwhelm


God has a purpose for your life, remove distractions and find it


Love God, Love Others,
Serve the World

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