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But why YOU are here

I help overwhelmed moms who are interested in living a purpose driven motherhood. I am here to encourage moms, especially foster and adoptive mamas. LM was born from my own journey in motherhood, seeking Jesus & Joy, Purpose & Peace.

In this space you’ll find a ton of helpful information, purpose driven inspiration, and a heart to lead you to Christ. 

I want to serve you, by creating content that reaches you right in the middle of the mundane, messy parts of motherhood with this message of HOPE.

Motherhood is a beautiful gift! Let’s not waste it by being overwhelmed, distracted and reactive. 

You are a mama on mission, with a purpose, let me help you get focused on what matters. 

What we do?

LM was born from seeking Jesus & Joy, Purpose & Peace. This online community was founded to empower moms to choose well and cultivate a faithful heart & home. Our desire is to inspire you to be kingdom driven, amidst the mundane and equip you for the everyday challenges that motherhood entails. We want nothing more than to see a generation of mamas on mission.


Our Goal is to equip, empower and encourage moms to live in light of the gospel. To remind moms on their best, and worst days where their identity lies. And to encourage service to reflect our love because He first loved us.


Remove distractions and overwhelm and have your relationship with the Lord first and foremost.


Don't waste your life. We only get one, make it meaningful, impactful kingdom driven and fulfilling.


Minimize stuff and implement systems and structures to put the mundane on auto pilot. Ditch overwhelm and get back your joy.


Once you have implemented the other steps you will find yourself with time to dream and do and love and serve.

Here for info on Foster Care and Adoption?

Check out the foster care course!

Around here we talk about...

  • Faith and keeping the gospel the centre of our motherhood.
  • Family- intentionally building a family culture within our marriages and parenting.
  • Home – decluttering, minimalism, systems,structures and curating our homes to be a reflection of our hearts.
  • Foster Care and Adoption – Advocating for orphans and vulnerable children and supporting fellow foster and adoptive mamas.

Who can I help?

I used to be all these types of mom... but by the grace of God I have been saved. I know who I am in Him. I know how much purpose and service has changed my life. I know how material possessions and managing "stuff" steals your joy. (Hello, I wanted to enjoy and play with my kids not clean up after them all day). I know the peace that comes by living a proactive, not reactive motherhood. I know what it's like to have time back for me. To care for myself (not in a selfish way, but in a 'God loves me so much so I need to steward this gift of my life well' kind of way)Time to dream and focus on what really matters. I know what it feels like to be the mom who felt convicted by the Lord to do better. And in the famous words of Maya Angelou - When you know better, do better.

I'm not perfect, nor do I know it all. I will never claim that. I just have a heart to serve and help. I want you to live your life in light of the gospel, free you from worldly distractions and live a life full of joy, peace and purpose. I've found that and I know you can too. Life now, is simpler, happier, more peaceful and most of all fulfilling. I know my purpose and I spend my free time helping other moms get there too!

Fun Facts About Kait
I love being outdoors and soaking in the gifts of our Creator. I feel fully alive near the ocean, watching a sunrise or sunset, listening to the wind or rain in the trees.
I love coffee...
and tacos...and brownies. God's gifts right there. Oh and cheese....bring on the brie!
It's the simple things...
The Holy Spirit leading me. The sounds of my kids laughter, an embrace from my hottie husband, girls night with my besties, a hot black cup of coffee and my Bible to start the day...
I appreciate you so much.
By allowing me to help or inspire you, I get to earn an income, pursue my dreams and stay home with my babies. Thank You!!