We are getting closer and closer (very slowly) to our sweet baby girl’s adoption being finalized!!!

It has been a very long process but we are so thankful we get to be her parents.

So this is what we are still waiting for/where we are at:

The paperwork is complete and at the agency waiting for the supervisors and big boss to sign off on things. It then gets sent to the ministry who has to sign off on it. They send it back to the agency. Then the agency sends it to the judge to get the final order. Then they send it back and the agency will call us and say IT’S OFFICIAL!!!

So as we patiently, and some days not so patiently wait for all that to happen. I am just chugging along soaking up every adorable moment with her and the rest of our family.

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We got into foster care with the intent of adopting and helping kids along the way and we really fell in love with foster parenting.

I in particular feel called to helping other foster mamas or those interested in this journey. I see the need for support and education and I wanted to share what I have learned and experience over the past 4 years to help you!

I have been working really hard on a course for the past several months. And I am so excited to say that it is finally LIVE!

I poured my heart and soul into this and I hope you will check it out!

It has written and audio content. As well as a workbook! It is everything I wish I knew was a foster parent and I designed it around the idea of how to cope, serve and thrive as a foster parent.

You can check it out here!