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Alphamations – Children’s Book Review

I am so excited to introduce you guys to this new book!

“Alphamations” was written by an amazing, talented, and beautiful new mother.  The idea of this book, is perfect.  Teaching your little ones the power of affirmations through the alphabet. Recently I have tried to change my headspace, and each morning I take a little time to meditate, pray, say what I am thankful for, and repeat some affirmations.  It is so easy to get bogged down in the negatives of life.  I find people are always searching for happiness, something more to achieve.   Setting the tone for your day, is really crucial to the end result of your day.  Some of my favourite affirmations to say to myself are.

“You are strong, brave, and an amazing mother.  No matter what happens today always know you are loved and cherished by so many”

“You can achieve anything you set your mind to today”

“Work hard today, you will be successful”

It has really helped my frame of mind for the day.  Just taking the time to speak positively about yourself can be really powerful.  For me this is of course in addition to my prayers and speaking with God that I do each day.

I am always telling my daughters, how beautiful, talented, smart, and amazing they are.  Now I have an extra tool to speak this love into their life.  This book is short, sweet and simple, but has such deep meaning and value!

My oldest has been working really hard to be able to read this book on her own, so check out the video below for a little sneak peak! To order yours directly with a hand written note from the author, and have it beautifully packaged for your child email or you can also order through as well as a kindle option!

A little bit about the author.  I have had the privledge of working under this author in a previous career before we were both mamas.  Whenever I was having a bad day, I would go into her office, and listen to all the positive things she had to say! She has such an uplifting spirit and this book captures her essence, and couldn’t be anymore beautiful!


So go ahead and check it out! You won’t be disappointed!

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