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The Best Dry Shampoo…and other products for Busy Moms with Dirty Hair

best dry shampoo

A question I get over and over from my busy mom clients is the same one.  What is the best dry shampoo?

beauty hacks for busy moms

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Busy moms ask: “What is the best dry shampoo?”

As a hairstylist with over 15 years of experience,  I can say with confidence that I have tried almost every one on the market.  Some are just plain awful, others are ok but there is something I don’t love about it and some are terrific.

Let’s talk about the terrific! I want to tell you about the best dry shampoo on the market in my opinion.  That is the Amika perk up dry shampoo.  Why do I think it is the best dry shampoo?
  • it smells absolutely  AMAZING
  • it absorbs oil and dirty hair smell like none other
  • it doesn’t leave your hair white
  • you don’t need a ton of it to work
  • you don’t really “feel it” in the hair (like many others I have tried that make your hair feel gritty)

Although a bit pricier than your average drugstore brand, it is totally worth it. I like Batiste Original, and will use it in a pinch.  It is very cost effective if the Amika Perk Up dry shampoo isn’t in your budget but I dislike the way my hair feels with it in and I do not find the results last as long. Other than that I think it is a pretty good dry shampoo.  Be sure to read the label as Batiste comes in a variety of scents and also has several tints so you don’t want to make the mistake of getting a batiste brunette tint dry shampoo when you are a blonde!

A note about dry shampoo – Using dry shampoo preventatively is likely to give you much better results than to use it when your hair is already super oily and dirty.  Add some in right after a fresh wash and blow dry for extra root lift and then continue to add a little in each night before bed.  Your hair will just always looks and smell clean! 

If you do not know how to apply dry shampoo then read this:  you simply spray in small short bursts all around the root area of your hair, holding the can about 10 inches away from your head.  Let it dry and then shake your hair at the root and (optionally) brush it out after. 

beauty hacks for busy moms

There are 2 other products I have in my dirty hair arsenal and both are by Amika… did I mention how much I LOVE that product line? Seriously awesome stuff!

Other hair products to prolong your hair style

Amika – The Shield This is a light weight hair spray that protects your hair form humidity and external elements.  All while giving your hair hold and shape without feeling weighed down or crunchy. I have naturally frizzy curly hair that I blow dry straight and then use a curling wand to get soft loose waves – this product makes my waves last until I have to wash my hair again.  I add a little in each morning to revive the body I lost from sleeping.  I love this stuff! 

The Amika Hair Fragrance – Amika drew me in with their packaging and then hooked me with their scent.  They have a signature scent and although some products smell slightly different, overall the same undertones appear through out the line.  They have had a room spray for a long time that I would spray on my clothes because I loved it so much, so I was thrilled when the hair fragrance came out not too long ago.  It makes your hair smell fresh, clean and feminine without drying your hair out.

best dry shampoo

These are the Finishing products I use every day to keep this busy mama’s hair looking and smelling fresh and clean.  Trust me if you use these products no one will know you haven’t washed your hair all week because your baby never gives you a moment alone!

So go and give them a try so when you do have a spare moment, you can spend it relaxing or doing something you love instead of washing your hair!

Prefer to watch me talk about it?

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