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Best Hair Products for a Smooth, Frizz free Blowout


As you may or may not know, I am a hair stylist with over 14 years experience.  I have a passion for hair.  It is after all the accessory that you wear every day.  When you think about how much money you spend on shoes, handbags, and purses, jewellery (whatever your fashion vice may be) does it make sense not to spend a little money on your hair?  I highly recommend to use professional quality products.  I’m sure there are some great drug store buys out there as well, but there are also some terrible ones that can ruin your colour, and coat your hair on the outside, but actually dehydrate it and dry it right out on the inside.  So unless you know a bit about chemistry, and hair care ingredients, I would leave it up to the professionals!

I have used, and worked for some amazing brands in my years of experience.  Davines, Eufora, Bio Ionic, Evo, Oribe, to name my favourites.

I recently opened my own home based salon in order to a) be home with my family and b) make my own decisions about my clients and business.   I tried out quite a few product lines before settling on Kenra Professional as my base line, and I am very pleased with my decision! They have some incredible products that make my hair so much easier to do! I am going to list a few of them here that are my ride or die items!  As well as some products from other brands that I just love.  It is one of the biggest perks about being my own boss is that I do not have to be brand loyal just because that is what my salon uses.  I can play and find out what products from what lines are the best!   These products in particular are great for giving a smooth, and sleek finish, not to mention they smell AMAZING!!

This first one is simply amazing.  It is the product I use on everyone whether you have fine or course, curly or straight hair.  This is the Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray  – it is a thermal protectant as well as a rapid dry product – it actually makes your hair dry 50% faster and it smells just divine! I use about 8 sprays on my thick, course hair so a finer texture would only need about 3-4 sprays.  It also comes in a smaller travel size(3.4 oz).

This product is very similar to the Oribe Royal Blowout but at a fraction of the cost.  I love the royal blow out as well and it also smells amazing (Oribe has a signature scent throughout all of it’s products) so if you have the money to spend, check out the Royal Blow out  – it is definitely my favourite Oribe product. Regardless of which one suits your budget they are both incredible, and work as they say they do, although I would only recommend the Oribe Royal Blowout if you have thicker, courser texture as it is a touch heavier.  With both these products you will see a lot of steam coming from the hair once you apply heat.  This is a good sign, it means there is product between your hair strands, and the hot tool protecting the hair!

This next product you actually apply prior to the Blow Dry Spray – it is THE Kenra Platinum Smoothing Cream,  I love any sort of product that claims to smooth and de frizz hair that actually work.  This one is amazing, it really smoothes my hair and makes it easier to blow dry, it gives me such a soft silky, shiny finish.  I use about 4 pumps applied to the mid lengths and ends of my hair.  Love this stuff, and it smells so so good!

Another product I love for getting a straight sleek finish, is the AG Set it Straight – this product has good hold factor, as well as anti humidity agents that control the frizz for the whole day, even if you step into a more humid environment. It is more of a gelly type lotion and one full pump is all you need. Love this stuff!

The final product that I love for a sleek smooth finish is the Eufora Beautifying Serum.  Guys this stuff is bomb dot com! It is a multi use product, I use it before I blow dry, after I blow dry to smooth out any fly aways, and it is also designed to be used on your skin.  I use it as a make up primer and on any dry spots I get.  It is truly a beautifully, well researched product.  You don’t have to have thick or course hair to use the serum, it is super light weight and absorbs right in.  Try it out, you will not be disappointed!

Here is the blow dryer I use – Now this is not their newest version – I believe the newest is even lighter and faster but I really love the Power Light Blow Dryer, and I know you will too, so check it out! I cannot emphasize enough, how important a high quality blow dryer is.  It is really make or break to a good hair day!

As for the best shampoos and conditioners out there, to give you that smooth factor right from the start, well these are a few of my favourites!

I hope this information is helpful to you.  I don’t recommend any products unless I have personally tried and tested them out! If you have any others I should check out, leave me a comment below! I love discovering new products that truly work!

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    10/14/2016 at 8:08 pm

    Wow, that is such a beautifully dramatic change. Thanks for the recommendations!

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      10/15/2016 at 1:50 am

      Thank you watermark 17! I have some serious frizz in my hair – Can’t do it without the products!!

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