One of the most beautiful things about being a human is that we were born with the power to choose. God gives us a choice. everyday we have the opportunity to choose well. To wake up and be positive, to tackle the day and carve out time for rest. To live a life that honors God and helps others. To live out our purpose.

Our enemy and our world will try and tell us otherwise. We are bombarded with messages about how hard life is, and there always seems to be someone complaining about something, especially when it comes to motherhood. And sure motherhood is filled with hard stuff, lack of time for what we want to do and a whole lot of sacrifice, but motherhood is such a gift and I want to be an encouraging voice in the sea of lack.

This does not mean my life is all sunshine and roses and my kids are perfect all the time but I do know how to get out of a funk and I do know how to cultivate my heart towards positive and peaceful interactions with my kids and husband and I do know how to choose well.

Affirmations are something I have been practicing on and off for years and their is actually scientific proof that affirmations work. I often notice if I am struggling with something or feeling like life is hard, that usually I have let my affirmation practice slip by the wayside.

What we allow to permeate into our brains is what we believe. This is why it is so important to be in the Bible regularly feasting on God’s truth, and to be discerning about who and what we allow into our lives. (Check out this podcast episode where guest Blake Guichet speaks on hustle culture)

Words and thoughts are powerful. When we focus on certain thoughts constantly, our brains actually create new pathways that lead to us acting and speaking in different ways.

Speaking affirmations over your motherhood, marriage and kids are so valuable to live in peace, and be less stressed. To live with joy and abundance. Reminding ourselves about the way God sees and loves us, allow us to see ourselves that way and drown out all the messages our culture and enemy try to feed us.

An affirmation practice is not hard but I do find it hard to be consistent and consistency is key when doing affirmations.  I have a notebook where I have my life affirmations and my purpose but these are some affirmations I use specifically to help me in my motherhood. Reciting these affirmations and giving my day to God each morning always sets me up for a good day. These affirmations allow me to stop worrying about my mistakes and flaws, focus on being present, react more peacefully with my children, and focus on what matters.

Sometimes if I am having a hard day, feeling discouraged or like my kids behaviours are making me want to lock myself in the bathroom I get out these affirmations and recite them. I rededicate the day back to God. It can often turn a crappy day into a good one!

I am hopeful for today because my hope is in Christ.

I am powerful because I am filled with the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit direct my day.

I am strong and I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

I live in abundance to give.

My joy comes from the Lord. Not the consumerism the world pushes

I am quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. I have patience for whatever my kids throw at me today.

My family is my most important ministry

I work hard like the ant. I can do hard things.

My children are such a gift. I am so blessed to be their mom.

God put me here for a reason. I am exactly where He wants me to be.

I hope you find these motherhood biblical affirmations helpful to you and remind you what a gift this whole motherhood gig is.