Mother’s day is fast approaching and it will most likely be a very tough day for your foster child’s bio mom.
Please consider how hard it is to be away from their children/child on this very special day meant to honor them.
Giving them a small gift will mean a lot to them. Personalized gifts are always a hit. Jewellery, photo albums or frames, even pillows.  Here are some ideas!  The last one is the one we will be gifting to Rosie’s mom with some additional photos in an album.

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This small pendant is a beautiful token that bio mom is sure to cherish.  You can get a picture engraved and add their name on the other side.

A simple bangle with your child’s initial.

A photo book filled with pictures is sure to be a hit

A pillow with a picture printed on it

This frame is perfect for a little one. You can imprint their hand and/or foot and add pictures. Also available on prime!!

If your child is old enough then a craft with their handprint is sure to be cherished. Have them write out some words in a card.  Head over to my Pinterest Board to get some good ideas!