Blog and Vlog Update – you may of been wondering…

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Hello dear friends and readers!
So you may have noticed a few changes around here lately. A little bit quiet, a little new branding. Just some change.
I want to explain this to you.
First, I changed the name. I dropped the beauty and collective in love mother beauty collective to now Love Mother BLOG
My background is in the beauty industry but my passion for that has really dwindled. I used to love that industry and get lost in the art of hair color (it’s still an incredible art and skill and I have respect for the people that eat, live breathe it) butttttttttttt it’s just not me anymore!
Since really changing my mindset to really live a more intentional and purposeful life a little over a year ago I just can’t get onboard anymore. There is nothing wrong with the beauty industry (well not nothing but we will save that for another post) of course. And don’t get me wrong I think it is important for us as women to feel beautiful and spend some effort on ourselves BUT in this world of social media and comparison and every new dang beauty treatment coming out it is easy to get lost in the superficial and shallow. Beauty is not everything, and talking about beauty is just not something I care to share about anymore.
More recently I wasn’t posting about beauty stuff and when I tried to post about it to round out my blog topics, I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t feel like I was being authentic to who I truly am now as an individual.
It is hard for me to articulate how I feel without offending people who are in the beauty industry but basically, I just care more about advocating for fostering and adoption and trying to make our world a better place then how to get the perfect beach wave.  I am more about caring for the marginalized than talking about the functions of a hair straightener.  And see even there I feel I sound offensive to the beauty industry….
Please understand my heart, I am passionate about reaching mamas who are interested in foster care and adoption, mamas who are looking for more simplicity and less overwhelm, and mamas who love Jesus or mamas who want to know more about Jesus and why becoming a follower of Christ has changed my life in the most beautiful way.
I am happy to answer when questions come in over Instagram about a makeup look I am wearing or a product or tool you may see me use in a video but I am going to leave the beauty tips to the beauty gurus of the world and just accept that it is not my path anymore.
This does not mean I am turning all plain and wild and will stop wearing make up and styling my hair but it does mean I am no longer purchasing any beauty related items (therefore no product or tool reviews) and will no longer be posting tutorials and that kind of fun stuff. I have deleted most of that content as I really want to connect with people who share similar thoughts, beliefs, and passions that I do….
Living an intentional life on purpose, foster parenting, adoption, home life (stay at home mom, work at home mom content) family and parenting(routines for moms and kids), and the most important thing to me, my Christian faith.
So if you have been here for a while, I hope you stay and if not that’s cool too! We will part ways and I will say thanks for being here while you were!
Oh and I dropped collective because let’s face it that was a mouthful and I am really trying to simplify things over here!!

I also wanted to discuss a bit about the foster care content.

I have always respected identity when it comes to what I share. I never use real names or show faces. The purpose of posting foster content is to connect with and help other foster parents. Let’s face it there aren’t many people supporting foster parents as we do this difficult task. Sure many people say they do but no one gets it like another foster parent.
I also share about foster care and adoption to encourage more people to get into fostering and adoption because the need is so great. The orphan care crisis is immense. I try to stand up for the kids in the middle of a terribly broken system that sadly everyone with the power just accepts. As a foster parent, I feel so helpless in advocating for the child’s best interests. We have all the responsibility but our voice doesn’t seem to matter.
In saying that…when sharing my story there is, of course, some overlap of their story and recently I have realized I am not being protective enough about their part of “our” story. These precious lives entrusted to me. I got caught up too much in how I was being affected. I found support in community with so many of you wonderful people who get it. I needed prayer warriors to get me through a really difficult time.

But at the end of the day, it isn’t about me.

Becoming a foster to adopt parent and putting my heart on the line was a choice I made. The confusion and heartbreak is something I need to internalize a little more. So if I post something like I feel like my world is ending then just please pray for me and know I am in the thick of difficult, and when I can share information I will.
So for my fellow foster mamas, I know that so many of you have found help and hope, encouragement and support throughout my videos and blog posts. I want to thank you for your beautiful emails, sweet messages and support. I am not going anywhere and will always be an ear to listen and a place of support and resources.

So an update.

We care for a foster child we have had for a long time, we would love to adopt our foster child and give them a forever family. Our adoption home study is completed. We let our guard down and let ourselves be excited about becoming an official family. Plans changed and now we wait to find out if we get to become a family forever or if our story ends in complete heartbreak.
So thank you for reading this update I hope you continue to enjoy reading the blog and following along on youtube. Something that started out as just for fun has turned into something I really enjoy and as it evolves I think is only going to get better. As I get better, learn, grow and shift. So please bear with me as I finish rebranding and changing things around to the new name. I may be a bit quiet for the next little bit but I PROMISE, I have some new and exciting things coming that I think you will love!

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