Discerning Fruit & Encouragement for Motherhood – Episode 46

discernment and encouragement for christian moms love mother podcast

Christians – You Will Know them by Their Fruit There is a lot of talk about fruit in the Bible. God uses fruit imagery to help us understand His word. This section of the Bible is specifically about being able to spot false prophets.   You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, […]

Becoming a Prayer Warrior – Episode 45

Love mother podcast episode 45

How to Become a Prayer Warrior There are some Christ-followers who are more gifted in the area of prayer. Prayer comes easily, naturally as a first response. Others have different giftings but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t work hard to develop our prayer lives. Prayer is how we communicate with God YOu may have […]

Marriage Advice for Christian Couples – Podcast Episode 35

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Marriage and Christ’s Bride Our culture minimizes the importance of marriage now more than ever. As Christian parents we have the opportunity to teach our kids about God through our marriage relationship. Christ loves the church like Men are meant to love their wives. I am not a marriage expert by any means. But I […]