Becoming a Prayer Warrior – Episode 45

Love mother podcast episode 45

How to Become a Prayer Warrior There are some Christ-followers who are more gifted in the area of prayer. Prayer comes easily, naturally as a first response. Others have different giftings but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t work hard to develop our prayer lives. Prayer is how we communicate with God YOu may have […]

My Best Mom Advice – Episode 44

love & mother podcast episode 44

What is the best advice I could give to other moms? I was thinking about what I was like prior to becoming a mom. And what I would say to her if I could go back to life pre babies. First I would tell her to take one more year and do a bit more […]

Comparison is the Thief of Joy – Episode 43

Love and mother podcast episode 43

I think today’s podcast episode is going to speak to your heart because I know many women that struggle with this, including myself. Comparison is the thief of joy was a phrase first coined by Theodore Roosevelt. A phrase that was true back then and a phrase that rings through today, especially for moms.  It […]