Keeping Your Child Safe VS. Helicopter Parenting


Keeping Your Child Safe VS. Helicopter Parenting Today more than ever I think parents have the desire to keep their children safe. It’s the perfect storm of access to all of the evil in the world with a few clicks, the over-sexualization in our society, and the pressure that social media has made us feel […]

How to share Jesus with your kids – 9 WAYS

how to teach your kids about JESUS love mother blog

As Christian parents, one of our greatest responsibilities is to teach our kids about Jesus, to lead them to him, and pray for them to know Him and follow Him.  One thing I know to be true is the enemy is constantly trying to keep us from this task. We need to be intentional to […]

Delegation for a Happier Motherhood – Podcast Episode 41

love mother podcast episode 41 delegation for a happier motherhood

Delegation for a Happier Motherhood Do you ever feel like your chores as a mother are unending? There is always dishes to do, laundry to wash, fold and put away, counters to wipe, floors to mop, carpets to vacuum. Then let’s add on school paperwork or planning if you are a homeschool mom, booking dentist […]