Simple Systems to Declutter with your Kids

minimalism and decluttering with kids

System Based Approach The best way to keep on top of clutter and get your kids involved in the decluttering process is to take a system-based approach. Which just means do something in the same order on a regular basis.  Establish Your Timeline What sort of timeline works for your family? A Saturday Morning quick […]

When you don’t feel Motivated

getting motivated

What to do when you don’t feel motivated Pray Ask God for strength. If the Lord has taught me anything in recent years, it is that self sufficiency never wins. When we rely on ourselves we are forgetting God’s power.  Even in seemingly small things like a lack of motivation ask for God’s help. You […]

How to Get Ahead with Housework

how to stay on top of housework

How to Stay on Top of Housework Assign specific tasks to specific days. Also known as Zone Cleaning Delegate to your family. Raise capable children! Be a team Keep a chart so everyone knows their expectations Family meeting weekly Use a cleaning chart – I have one with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. Find […]