Parenting Time-Ins vs Time-Outs Podcast Episode 40

times ins love mother podcast episode 40

Disciplining Negative Behavior – Time In’s Vs Time Outs Your child is throwing toys, speaking with disrespect, hitting their sibling, or any other undesirable behavior and so often the first reaction is to remove them from the situation. Go to your room you might say. Don’t come back out until you have calmed down. The […]

Raising Capable Children – Podcast Episode 38

love mother podcast episode 39

Love & Mother Podcast Episode 38 – Raising Capable Children We live in a very over indulged world in the West. It has hit me face on since moving from Canada to Nicaragua just how sheltered and irresponsible children are in North America. Of course I am generalizing and there are exceptions to every rule. […]

How to Better Understand Your Child – Podcast Episode 38

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Building a Close Relationship with Your Child One of my best friends when I was a teenager had such a close relationship with her mom and it was something I was not used to. And something I immedietely knew I would want with my kids when I had them.  She would bring her coffee at […]