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Cleaning Schedule for the Not so Tidy Stay at Home Mom.


How to change from Slob to Spotless

Now that I am almost 2 years into being a full-time stay at home mom and “house wife” I have noticed a major change.  The funny thing about that is, it has turned me into a neat freak.  Not that I have a clean house all time, but the will and desire to have a perfectly clean house is there now more than its ever been.  You see before when I worked full time and wasn’t home much, a messy house didn’t bother me.  In the last 5 years, I have been home more, only working part-time, and having an untidy house has slowly gotten on my nerves.  If my mother is reading this, I am sure she is reminiscing about my teenage bedroom and thinking “you, a neat freak? YA RIGHT!!!”

cleaning checklist

Why is keeping a spotless home important?

My motto used to be, there will always be something to clean why not enjoy life instead.  The funny thing is, now having a tidy, sparkling clean home is part of what makes me enjoy life.  Being proud of my tidy home, and not embarrassed to have an unexpected visitor, truly brings me joy.  Hey, it may sound silly but it is true.  It makes me feel in control. Since staying home full time is now what I view as “my job” it brings me a lot of pride to have a clean home!

So if you are someone who is always trying to get on top of things or a slob convert like me, then this post is for you!

The first thing you need to do is have a fresh start.

Devote some time to do a full deep clean.  Ask your mother for help.  Hire a maid service, heck move to a brand new house.  Whatever works for you, but having a standard to start with, and keep up with definitely helps.


Make a list of all the tasks you need to do in order to keep your home tidy and maintained, don’t forget things like grocery shopping and paying the bills, this is all a part of home care.


You need to make a cleaning schedule that works for you.  For some, this will be speed cleaning a certain amount each day.  For others, it may mean spending several hours on a Saturday, or it might even mean picking one room each day to devote to cleaning and organizing.  Also, depending on what stage in your life you are at, this will vary.  For myself who is a stay at home mom to 4 kids 5 and under this is going to look considerably different than someone who works full time and has one child in full-time daycare.

cleaning schedule

In Conclusion

Once you decide on the schedule you simply stick to it.  Make it easy to follow and doable with your time constraints.  Here is a sample stay at home mom schedule that I use. View it down below or check out the form to have it sent to your inbox for free!  Also do not forget to play an awesome playlist, or podcast while you do this.  I find my self lost in a podcast taht the time flies and before you know it my cleaning checklist for the day is completely checked off!

Here is my cleaning checklist


  • make beds
  • pick up toys and clothes
  • clean and sanitize kitchen and bathroom counters
  • do dishes
  • load and unload the dishwasher
  • sweep kitchen
  • empty garbage
  • sort mail
  • One organizational task (organize a cupboard, organize bookshelf, organize on top of the fireplace etc)
  • 1-2 loads of laundry (washed, dryer, and PUT AWAY)


  • vacuum
  • clean bathrooms completely
  • clean kitchen appliances
  • wash floors
  • wash windows and mirrors
  • quick clean out fridge (toss old food, wipe down any spills/crumbs)
  • dust surfaces
  • wipe down door handles/railings and kid level gunk
  • tidy pantry cupboards
  • change bed sheets
  • quick tidy closets
  • grocery list and grocery shopping
  • pay bills and file paperwork
  • One deep clean task (wipe down baseboards, dust light fixtures, pull out furniture and vacuum etc)
  • Wash bathmat
  • Clean dresser and living area table surfaces


  • wash shower curtain
  • drain maintenance for clogs
  • wipe out and organize kitchen cupboards
  • vacuum and steam clean furniture
  • clean tv and computer screens
  • organize toys
  • clean off fridge (top of fridge becomes a catch-all for us and file kids artwork)
  • move furniture and clean behind and under couch cushions
  • dust picture frames
  • clean out purse/diaper bag
  • yard maintenance

Seasonally (January, April, July/Aug, November)

  • switch out decor
  • check fire alarms, carbon monoxide detector
  • deep clean and purge all closets
  • clean mattresses and pillows
  • steam clean carpets
  • purge and organize paperwork
  • clean curtains and rugs
  • make a list of home repair/maintenance to do list
  • change filters
  • clean window frames and screens (outdoor if applicable)
  • wipe down walls
  • touch up paint
  • clean and organize the garage and shed
  • clean out the van
  • major yard work (spring and fall)

cleaning schedule

You will feel better implementing this checklist

When you have a tidy house and take pride in your home, I promise you, you feel so much better about your housewife status!  You will not feel overwhelmed, and hate cleaning.  When you make it easy and doable it actually becomes enjoyable and liberating!   Hey, who knows maybe you will even start making home-baked goods in your insta worthy kitchen!

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