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Commitment – How to Love your life


What does that word mean to you?

Do you automatically think about your spouse, or partner?

Does it mean a strict Gym schedule?

Maybe it means a pure focus on your career?

Or passions and goals in your spiritual life?

Wherever your mind wanders when you first hear that word, is probably exactly what you need to be focusing on.  Putting your energy into that aspect of your life.

I recently have made some commitments to myself and I am intentionally working hard every day to meet the expectations of said commitments. Now that I am a few weeks into this intentional journey, I find myself thinking more and more about these commitments.

What is this doing for me you might ask, well it is giving me drive, focus, determination, and really just overall giving me a better outlook on life.

I am a very “all or nothing” person.  Although I am a Libra and said to be “balanced” I am more of a woman who is always searching for balance. I do crave it in my life.  I get easily irritated when I am super focused on one thing, and other aspects of my life are becoming unbalanced. It makes me feel like everything else but the task I am focused on is a waste of thinking in that moment.

This is something I am working on.  Strong focused commitments while maintaining balance. Now that we are a good 4 weeks into the New Year, and old habits start returning after those New Years resolutions you made, I want to challenge you to something.

 Write down the word commitment – like back in middle school with a big ol’ brainstorming bubble around it.  Write down a few words to explain what that means to you.  

I will commit myself to _______________________.  

Why is that commitment important to you?  What steps are you going to take to ensure you stay committed? Do you need help from someone else to stay committed?  Set yourself up for success from day one.

Goals are good.  Goals are great actually, but a goal is just that – a goal.

Without being committed to that goal you will never achieve your full potential. Your goals without a committed plan are just words on paper or thoughts in your head.

In an era of instant gratification, and a me me me attitude, too many of us just give up.  On marriages, on jobs, on friendships, on weight loss, on our relationship with the Lord… If we can’t get what we want right away, well we move on.  

Guess what friends, the grass isn’t greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it.

Trust me, it is a lot happier life. Set those goals and make the commitment.  Look at it as a promise to yourself.  Remind yourself every day about the commitment. Don’t give up on your self. Stay strong, stay committed. 

Don’t break that promise.  In the end, you are only failing yourself, if you give up.  You are better than that, aren’t you?

Committed, Consistent and Strong Self Control. When you can get a handle on these 3 traits you can change your world.

As always my message that I want to share is to serve others but take care of yourself first. You cannot pour from an empty cup. I am a natural born people pleaser and in the past would tend to fall short on commitments to myself.  I know a strong commitment is what needs to be done to change my life. So come along with me.

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