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DIY – Beautiful Thankful Tree – Thanksgiving Table Decor

DIY thankful tree

Thankful Tree DIY Project for Thanksgiving

Do you want a beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table, and want to incorporate the kids sentimental crafts without it looking well… like a kid did it?

Well it is all on how you direct the craft and what materials you will be allowing the kids to use.  Stay away from googly eyes, and colourful turkey feathers but rather stick to beautiful florals, metallic paints and a little glitter.

Even with the kids help your DIY and DIWKH (do it with kids help) table decor is sure to be a beautiful, sentimental and totally give some Pinterest envy.

Materials Needed:


White Plastic Pumpkin

Fall Florals

Metallic Paint (gold, copper, rose gold)

Small Plastic Pumpkins

Fake Leaves


Gold Marker

Hot Glue

The Steps to your DIY Thankful Tree

First make it fun for the kids by going on a fall hike and collecting some small branches, you could even add some pinecones and paint the tips gold for even more texture.

Thanksgiving Decor

Next head to Michaels or your local craft store the beginning of the week before Thanksgiving.  You are sure to find great deals without it all being completely picked over.  Keep an eye out for their Thanksgiving clearance sale and be there on that day.

Thanksgiving Decor

I was able to get everything for my thankful tree DIY project 60 % off!

I already had the metallic paint from Homesense (craft and stationary section) and had picked up red and orange leaves for $2.99 per pack from Homesense (floral section).

Thanksgiving Tree

First the kids helped me paint the branches gold (spray paint is easier if you are not doing it with kids).  We also painted a few small pumpkins in the different metallic tones.

As that dried, we added marbles inside our pumpkin (I found a hollow pumpkin used for trick or treating but perfect for a pumpkin vase) and arranged the flowers.  An alternative would be to glue a piece of floral foam on top of a pumpkin and add your flowers and branches to that.

Tree of Thanksgiving

Then was the fun part.  I asked my kids what they were thankful for and wrote their answers down in the gold pen on the leaves.   I got everything from God, to eating bananas, and american girl dolls.  We added all the people we are thankful for.

Next we used hot glue to attach the leaves to the branches.  At first I was going to have them hanging down but it ended up looking a little too droopy so I held each leaf upright until the glue dried.

Thankful tree

I added the branches into the florals, and a few small pumpkins into it as well and voila!

This was a fun project to make with the kids but it ended up looking quite beautiful and it will be a sentimental piece we can pull out every year and add more thankful leaves to it!

Thanksgiving Holiday Decor

A note on the tablescape.  If you saw my Easter Tablescape, you know I like to keep things low cost, try and re use other pieces from my home and buy items that I know can have multi purpose.

I used a rich brown tablecloth I already had to make the white and the brights pop.

I purchased the gold circular placemats at Homesense for $14 for 4.  They kind of look like they have a snowflake design so I will be able to use them again at Christmas!

I also purchased the table runner for $16 from Homesense.  I love that it is gold metallic on white and it kind of looks like hearts or animal print even, so I will re use it all year round.  thanksgiving decor

thanksgiving tablescape

thanksgiving table

My regular china and glassware, I added yellow paper napkins for a pop of colour in the glasses, and used gold utensils, set out on the bread plate.

The thankful tree was of course the main table centre but I added some candles in white and rose gold, some red succulents in little gold pots, some mason jar style mini lanterns, and 2 addition large white pumpkins that I wrote “Give Thanks” in gold on them.

I then sprinkled the remaining leaves that I didn’t use in my DIY project all around the candles and placed a couple painted mini pumpkins in there as well.


Happy Thanksgiving Friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of food, family, friends, and fun.  Remember all you have to be thankful.  A grateful heart is a happy heart!

thanksgiving tree




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