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Are you the Ideal woman for Faithful and Free?

Do you desire to seek God first in all that you do?

Do you feel overwhelmed with the endless tasks motherhood entails?

Do you easily reach for your phone and choose distraction over the things you really want to be focusing on?

Are you a woman who wants to know Jesus deeper than ever before? To trust him with your marriage and motherhood to show you a better way?

Do you desire to realign your priorities to your husband and children and remove the overwhelm and distraction in your life?

Are you seeking to THRIVE in your role as a woman, wife, and mother?

You are not alone...the majority of moms struggle with the innate desire to "do it all" and aspire to be superwoman

...which, without the right tools, leaves you feeling overwhelmed, reaching for distractions and not fully enjoying motherhood

You can change all of that with this proven method to a more peaceful, joyful, purposeful motherhood, marriage and life. There's hope!

I Understand!

Motherhood and Marriage can be so difficult sometimes. You are constantly giving and giving. You end up feeling overwhelmed and resentful. You struggle with bursts of anger and then feel shame that you are not the wife or mother you want to be. The house looks like a bomb went off, and all you do is clean. Go to bed, wake up, repeat. It’s easy to play the victim, but LADIES, the growth needs to start with us. I can help!

I will walk you through this transformation in 4 steps

1. God First

2. Simplify

3. Identify Your Purpose

4. Focus on what matters


Whats Included?

The development of this course has been a passion of mine for over 2 years. It’s been refined and tested to create a life-changing impact in your motherhood, marriage and life.

 Sharing our stories is one way the Lord uses to bring about change in others. I strongly feel led to do that for you. I have studied deeply and prayed and implemented everything I teach. I’m proof this works.

As you complete the 4 modules there is a workbook to go right along with you so you have a place to write and implement the changes that will transform your motherhood, marriage and life. 

You have to do the work. Don’t enroll in this course if you don’t really want the change. If you don’t implement this program into your life you will stay stuck in the overwhelm and distraction. We have small- action packed challenges along the way to ensure you are seeing the heart and home changes you desire.

7 years ago with 4 kids under 4 I was in the thick of it. I was overwhelmed and unpleasant to be around. I would constantly distract myself with social media, shopping trips and mindless entertainment. I was miserable in my motherhood. Many days I just wanted to escape the responsibilities motherhood entails. After a lot of work everything is different now. There is hope for you too@ 

Nobody enters Motherhood Expecting to feel Overwhelmed and Lost

God does great work in our hearts, sanctifying us through motherhood. But when we allow outside factors to distract us, and we are not continually aligning our hearts with God’s heart for mothers, it is so easy to become overwhelmed. Overwhelm is often the beginning of the journey to resentment, chaos and anxiety. You simply feel like you are surviving motherhood and not thriving. 

Sister in christ

You feel that conviction to change. Nothing will change if you don’t make the changes God is calling you to. Allow this course to be your guide. 

Don’t wait for the overwhelm and distraction to get worse. Don’t allow it to steal any more joy. Don’t let a thriving motherhood, marriage and life go up in flames before your very eyes.

You Become the woman, wife, and mother God has called you to be.

Are you ready?

What's My Investment Here?

God calls us to do all things in excellence

Marriage and Motherhood Included

Our two first priorities after God, are our husband and children. We have the ability to reach our full potential and live the fully abundant life God calls us to. Motherhood, marriage, and life with God does not mean ease.

There is a lot of work involved but can I challenge you to pick your hard? A hard that leaves to overwhelm, resentment, chaos and anxiety or a hard that leads to joy, peace and purpose?


When you do the hard work of examining your own heart and choosing to become more like Christ in every area of your life, that greatly impacts your motherhood and marriage and...

  • What are you sacrificing by not becoming the woman, wife and mother you know God created you to be?
  • How many mornings do you wake up with overwhelm, dredging through another day, just waiting for bedtime?
  • How many times have you longed for a deeper relationship with God?
  • How many times have your kids been the brunt of your impatience? How many times have you lost your cool with them? How many times have they seen anger rise up in you?
  • How many times do you want to struggle with anxiety and shame because you feel like you failed your kids again?
  • How many times do you reach for your phone during the day just trying to numb out from life a little?
  • How many times do you want to fight with your husband because you can’t communicate what you need?
  • How many times do you wish to live in freedom? You know in Christ you have it but you can’t seem to find it.
  • How many times do you crave more joy, purpose and peace in your everyday?

God is concerned with your heart and your obedience. That is where you find true joy, peace and purpose.

You came across this course for a reason. I full-heartedly believe it has the power to change everything for you.

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