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Staying Motivated to Lose Weight

If you have been following my weight loss journey, and watched my last video you will see that I indulged a little bit this weekend. I still had some inches lost but my weight stayed the same and I didn’t feel great about the choices I made.  It is so hard when you are in social situations, and are with people that eat whatever they want and just don’t care.  You want to eat it too.  I had every intention of going away last weekend and still making healthy choices but by the end of the weekend I found that last meal I just didn’t care.  If you have ever been to Tholo’s at Blue Mountain you might just get me!  Saganaki anyone?  This mama loves cheese and when it is brought out to you set on fire, I mean you might just have to try a bite or two, or three……

So I thought I would be coming home to a quiet week but that changed fast, and upon returning  to a jam packed schedule, and not really being able to fit a workout in unless I wake up at 5am, it is easy to start letting things slide.

So I am giving myself a pep talk because this is a lifestyle change, and I am going to have set backs, but what is different this time, is I am not going to let one small set back make me give up like I have so many times before.  I am going to get laser focused and focus on my WHY, my motivating factors.  I think if you talk to anyone with a weight loss success story you will see that focusing on their WHY had a huge part of their success.  So if you are like me and are a few weeks in to a healthier lifestyle and are feeling yourself start to slip, I want you to focus on your WHY with me.

 5 reasons WHY.

  1.  To inspire confidence in myself, and impress that upon my daughters
  2. To be fit, and healthy, and FEEL GOOD
  3. To be a good role model
  4. To treat my body like I love it because I only have 1 body – Learn to Love my body
  5. To walk into a store and shop/dress for my style, not my fat.

* I may have to add a number six in there.  It isn’t super important to me, because I am more of a modest person but I would love to wear a bikini and feel good about it. So that would just be my bonus!

My WHY is my motivating factors, so if I can focus on that I know I will succeed.  I find when I set some time aside each morning to go through my planner and schedule my workouts, write out my meals for the day and stay on routine it really helps.  Consistency and dedication is key.  I am a strong women and I know I need to control any temptations.  Focus, routine, motivate, control, move.  These 5 words will take me to my goals.

Here are a few “rules” I have made for myself

  1.  Never go more then 3 days without a workout
  2. Drink water, water and more water
  3. Drink a protein smoothie for breakfast (I rarely make time for breakfast so this is huge for me)
  4. No more snacking after dinner.
  5. ONE treat meal per week


This is me in a few months – VISUALIZATION people!!

So the struggle is real, but I am holding myself accountable to the world wide web so there is no answer but success. Don’t get me wrong this is not for you it is for me but cheerleaders and naysayers always fuel me so that is why I have chosen to make this public and transparent!

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