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Fitting Fitness in with Kids


How to fit fitness in with kids

As a busy mom, the biggest obstacle to my fitness and weightless journey is my kids.  You too?  It is a common problem with moms.  I used to wake up and work out, head to the gym around 6:30 to do my favourite body pump or spin class. The hardest part was just getting out of bed and actually going.  Now at that time I am up, packing a lunch for my oldest  making breakfast for 4 kids, and helping with getting dressed, teeth brushing and just general kid chaos.

There is always something to do and somewhere to be when you have kids.  Finding time to make fitness a priority is difficult, but not impossible.


Here are 7 ways I fit fitness in with kids.

  1. Join a gym with an amazing childcare program/ times.  Currently I go to a gym that is not my first choice as far as classes, atmosphere and size.  However the childcare is the cheapest and easiest for me, therefore getting that obstacle out of the way.  They run an hour and half program daily for my 3 year olds to go to, and the little one goes into the little daycare and has a blast. I mean this doesn’t always work with our foster care schedule but we make it work as many times a week as we can.
  2. Take them to a track.  Most tracks are fenced in, and never usually packed.  Bring some balls, or other outdoor toys and let the kids have fun while you run.  Weather permitting of course.
  3. Use youtube to get fun dance work outs in.  We like to do just dance videos, and recently have discovered Fitness Marshall. He has fun hip hop dance videos, where he teaches you some really fun moves. The kids love it for a few songs, and I get a great workout in.
  4. Use kids as body weights.  Throw them on your shoulders and do some squats.  Use them as your weight for arms, shoulders, and core work.  They laugh and have a great time, although not the most focused you can get some good movement in.
  5. Pull them uphill in a bike trailer. My kids max out the weight for those bike trailers and we live in a super hilly area.  I’m out of breath with a sky high heart rate in 5 minutes flat.
  6. Take them swimming.  Tread water the whole time.  Great way to get a low impact cardio work out and have a blast with the kids.
  7. Make an obstacle course.  Kids love fun off the cuff activities like that.  Go to the dollar store, get some items like pylons, hula hoops, and bean bags.  Set up a simple course for kids and make some HIIT exercise for you.  Think 10 burps at each pylon, throw bean bag as far as you can, sprint there and drop and do 10 push ups etc.

How do you work out with your kids?


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    Rachel N
    03/24/2017 at 1:49 pm

    Im lucky enough to have a treadmill at home, and if I am running and my not so baby baby wakes up early from her nap, I end up adjusting my workout, and we do a circuit, I run either .5-1mile while she does “squats” or “pushups” or some three year old conditioning, and then we swap. I do squats, pushups, burpees, lunges, light wight work, while she runs! It ends up being so fun for the both of us! and then we have a smoothie treat when we finish!

    • Reply
      03/26/2017 at 9:50 am

      I need to get a treadmill! I just don’t have the room for one! So good to get the kiddos involved!

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