Foster Care Binder – Free Printables

Foster Care Binder – Free Printables

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Foster Care Binder – Keeping it organized

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The one thing that is certain about foster care, is there is a TON of paperwork.  Having an organized foster care binder will make your life so much easier.
There can be a lot of transition in your home as a foster parent.  Just when you are getting used to one child, they may leave and you have another placed in your home.
The social workers, doctors, visitation, and meetings are a lot to keep up with, so having a foster care binder when you can keep everything organized and easily available is so key!
I have been using this binder system for a while now, and it has really helped in my second year of fostering.  The first year without the foster care binder I was a mess.  I had papers everywhere and I couldn’t find what I needed when I needed it.
I searched online but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for so decided to create my own, and I wanted to share it with you.


This post probably contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

1.5 inch Binder
Zipper Binder Pouch
Different Colored Pens
USB Drive
Post it Notes
Foster Care Binder Printable

 I created these free printables for a foster care binder.

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Foster Care Binder!

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    Print them out and add them to a binder with dividers.  A 1.5 inch binder is a great size.  I also like to have a variety of coloured pens for the various labeling and details that I add in. Post it notes are also great to stick in the front zipper folder, if you need to jot something down quickly then transfer those details to the binder.

    I have attached some but not all of the sheets in image form here in this post so you get an idea of what is included in the printable package!



    CONTACT SHEET: This includes contact infor for all workers, doctors, therapists, etc.


    COURT RECORDS: I record what happened at court and the next court date, what the plan is and who gave me the update.

    MONTHLY REPORTS: Every agency does this a bit different.  We meet with our children’s worker monthly, I know others are required to fill out a monthly form.  I designed a free printable about all the aspects of the child’s life that we will need to discuss and fill it out on there prior to the meeting, and then fill in additional notes during the meeting.

    PLAN OF CARE: Our agency mails us out official plans of care, so I put them here in a clear sheet.


    1. Good Visit – No problems
    2. Problems – Late, something upsetting happened, sickness, concerning comment
    3. Cancelled or No Show

    Each section has some extra lined paper for notes, and some clear sheet protectors to hold any incoming documents.

    All of the kid’s artwork, either gets saved or scanned and added to a flash drive that stays in a zipper pouch in the front of the binder.  I also add pictures of the child to this flash drive.

    I hope these FOSTER CARE BINDER printables help you to stay more organized in your foster care journey!  I hope this foster care binder covers all your needs if you have any other thoughts that would make this more helpful to you please send them my way! I want this binder to be a complete resource for you!
    What you need
    1.5 inch Binder
    Zipper Binder Pouch
    Different Colored Pens
    USB Drive
    Post it Notes

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    1. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! BUUTT Where is the place I should click to print? Thank you!

      1. I sent you an email! Did you get the second page?

    2. The second email, that had the majority of the printables, went to spam. I found it though! THANK YOU for making this and giving it to parents to use for free!

      1. Glad you got it! Your welcome! I hope it is helpful for you!

    3. Hi! These look wonderful and I would like to download them, but I can’t seem to find the link. I’m already signed up for your emails and received your pre-placement questions and progress meetings sheet. Thank you!!

      1. I found it right after I left the comment. Thank you!

    4. Hi! I am tryin to download but is not doing it. Can you please send me the link.
      Thank you

    5. These are wonderful! I went to the foster care orientation last night and I am in full preparation mode!
      Is there a way to make an editable cover sheet? I would like to store my application, training certificates,etc in the binder.

      1. Hey Love! Sorry I got your email as well. I do not have an editable one handy but I made this binder using – under the documents section you can see the design and then edit it how you choose! Hope that helps!

    6. Hi, can you please send me the link to the folder templates? They look lovely as well as practical. I just can’t see where to download them!
      Thanks x

      1. There is a form at the bottom of the post that you enter your email into and you will be sent 2 separate emails with all of the forms. 🙂

    7. I would love to a copies of your foster care Blinder

      1. Hi there, you just enter your email in the form at the bottom of the post. I have it set up on an automated system because of the number of people that want it!

    8. Excellent resource – just what I was looking for as we begin this journey.

      1. So glad you find it helpful! Welcome to the best journey you will ever go on!

    9. Very Excited about this binder!

    10. I would love to have this amazing resource!

      1. HI Megan! I got got your email, sorry I just did a website change over so I am backed up with all my blogging tasks at the moment. All you have to do is enter your email into either the “ACCESS THE FREE CONTENT LIBRARY” button at the top of this page if you are on a desktop/laptop or ipad and if you are looking at the website from your phone you should see the box at the bottom. You will get the password send to you! Sorry I just re did/improved the binder and I have to update this post so the link has been removed!

    11. Can you please email me a copy of the printables?

        1. All subscribed and now it’s asking for a password.

          1. The password get’s sent to your email. Check your span folder sometimes it ends up there!

    12. Hello I love this can you please send me the link to print?

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