foster parent course

How to THRIVE as a Foster Parent, so you can feel EQUIPPED and not OVERWHELMED and just surviving!

foster parent course

Becoming a Foster Parent is not easy. It's hard, isolating and full of learning curves. It is easy to get overwhelmed among the paperwork, social worker visits, trauma parenting, navigating relationships with birth parents, court, and all the WAITING!

We made that first phone call in March of 2015. Not fully knowing what we were getting into but willing to love kids from hard places with arms and hearts wide open. 

We have cared for 9 sweet kids who forever hold a place in our heart. We just finalized the adoption of sweet baby number 8 and are so grateful we get to be her family forever. 

We got into foster parenting with the intention of one day adopting. But we fell in love with foster parenting along the way. 

I have been sharing our story and trying to educate and inspire foster parents through my blog and YouTube channel. 

I have answered countless questions and supported many moms all over the world as they dealt with grief after goodbyes, allegations, and waiting on unknown answers. 

I’ve celebrated getting licensed, first placements and long awaited adoptions. 

I love to help other foster moms. This course was born out of that. I put my heart and soul into creating this comprehensive tool to equip and support new foster parents. 

  • written and audio form
  • included workbook
  • FAQ’s answered
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Ongoing training and support through email
foster parent course

Becoming a foster parent is important work. Kids lives depend on it. These precious kids depend on you. Equip yourself so you can foster parent well! 

P.S. I am always here for you and happy to help and support you through your journey! I know you will need support along the way and part of my life’s purpose is to encourage, equip and inspire foster parents. It is such important work and I want to come along side you!