It is February now. Do you remember how excited you were when you set all those new decade goals just one short month ago? Are you still working towards them? Or have you dropped off the bandwagon? I know for me some of my daily habits have started slipping. Old ways are trying to creep back in. You cannot test something or some ones growth unless you are first able to measure it. Tracking progress along the way to a goal is the only way to achieve that goal. Goals are usually the culmination of specific daily habits. How you spend your days is how you spend your life so if you have some big goals, then making sure you reflect and measure your progress daily is vital to success! It has been so cool to look back on my habit trackers and notice that the goals I achieved had a lot more check marks than x’s and I could see the pattern of if I couldn’t check the box for a couple of days that would motivate me and get me back on track. The cool thing about habits is, it is exactly how God designed our brains. We have series of habits all day long in order to put mundane things on auto pilot to use our brain function for more important things. The problem lies when the habit is bad. When the habit is hard to break or change and when we are trying to implement something new. Our brain automatically goes “noooo it’s too hard alert alert alert go back to what’s easy, go back to what’s normal” Insert reflection. We cannot simply set a goal and then expect it to happen. There needs to be an intentional daily action to get you towards that goal. I created this yearly life audit and goal tracker and it starts off with a bunch of questions reflecting on the previous year. If you haven’t gotten it yet, it’s totally free and you can download it from the link at the bottom off this post. If you have already filled it out then it’s time to get it out again. What are your 12 goals? Have you made significant progress towards any of them? I talked in another video a couple weeks ago about habit tracking. I love this little goal planner because it gives me a place to track daily habits, every night I either give myself a check or an x and it’s a daily reflection and reminder and motivation to do better tomorrow!