Homeschool Digital Planner

My first year homeschooling I printed off various printables and made some of my own to figure out the best way to plan and prepare my homeschool lessons. 

This year I decided to go digital with my homeschool planning. 

As a minimalist I am always trying to cut down on the amount of clutter and papers in our homeschool room. Because I want to keep record of things year after year throughout our homeschool, I know digital is the best way to go.

I think in the future I will keep a homeschool records book where I can collectively keep information for each year for reference but a good place to start was an overall curriculum planner, lesson planner and record keeper for our homeschool. 

I love to create my own, as I always find something missing from most planners for my detail oriented mind.  If you are a detail oriented person trying to minimize clutter too,  than my homeschool planner might be right up your alley!  

You can purchase it here. Or on etsy if you are in UK or Australia as my website only processes in US and Canadian dollars. 

Let me walk you through it. First we have monthly tabs along the side where you can customize your planning for each month. 

Along the top we have six sections. Curriculum, yearly, planning, trackers, evaluations, and student.

Under curriculum we have 3 pages. A curriculum planner to use when deciding what curriculum you are going to use for your homeschool year. A unit planner to plan out family style units and a project planner to help both you and your students with anny projects in a curriculum or independently.

Next we have a yearly section that has 6 tabs. Education goals, which is great to fill out in the beginning of the year or even quarterly or by semester. However you plan out your year. There is also a year at a glance page so you can count out weeks. A book list to gather you reading material in advance. As well as a theme page if you like to design your curriculum around different themes each month. Additionally, there is a field trip and event planner and finally a supply list

Under the planning tab is where you will find 3 sub sections for lesson planning. A weekly planner, a daily planner and a loop planner. 

Under the tracker section we have 4 sub sections where you can track things monthly, yearly, as well as an attendance tracker and reading log. 

Under the evaluation tab we have 3 sub sections. Weekly evaluation. Yearly evaluation and Report Card

Finally we have a student tab which you can completely customize, and mix and match whatever sheets you want for each student. This can be a running folder to collect documents throughout your child’s entire school journey.