Guest Post

The sun is sizzling and you want to enjoy the weather, but the house has different ideas. No one tells homeowners this when they finally get onto the property ladder, yet properties are needy. They want attention regardless of the season and they won’t stop causing trouble until they get some attention! Now, it’s tempting to think “what can happen in the summer?” Because your mood is high and everyone’s in good spirits, it’s easy to ignore the signs. However, there are jobs which can’t take a backseat when the mercury jumps. Here are four which might well come as a surprise.

Clearing The Gutters

For obvious reasons, this is an autumn and winter activity. At the moment, there isn’t enough rain or debris to cause a blockage. The good people at will have to wait a couple more months yet before they get your business. Or will they? See, gutters can get blocked in the summer because of loose hair and dust and dirt in the air. And, there is the inevitable summer downpours. Put these things together and there is a risk of overflowing or breakage. A quick rummage before the thunderstorms should prevent this from happening.

Getting Fire-Ready

Of course, it’s not hard to see how wildfire can spring into life in these temperatures. All it takes is a strong blast of sunshine and a dry patch of grass and the fire can burn for weeks. It may usually take place on the news hundreds of miles away, from you but it is always good to be prepared. Anyone that lives in a grassy area is subject to a wildfire and needs to take precautions regardless of the probability. Experts recommend pruning trees and hedges next to power lines and keeping the lawn trimmed and moist. Don’t forget to maintain the fire alarms, too.

Dealing With Mold

Mold loves cool, damp conditions, so it’s a surprise that it can strike in the summer. The weather is hot and muggy and not at all conducive to bacteria. At least, that is the logic. In reality, says the spores thrive in warm climates as well as cool ones. Plus, there is always a lot of moisture in the air in forgotten areas of the home such as the basement. As mold is a health risk, it’s essential to tackle it now before it spreads. Keep the area aerated and remove the moisture with a dehumidifier.

Concentrating On The Exterior

The wind and rain aren’t here anymore so there’s no reason to bother with the outside of the home. Let the sun bake and enjoy the peace and quiet. The problem with this is overheating. A hot exterior will make the interior warm and more uncomfortable. By painting the outside of the property a light color, you can reduce sweating by a considerable margin! Plus, now that the weather is nice, it’s a great time to fix the broken features before the bad conditions return.

What are your go-to jobs in the summer?