how to stay on top of housework

How to Get Ahead with Housework

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How to Stay on Top of Housework

  • Assign specific tasks to specific days. Also known as Zone Cleaning
  • Delegate to your family. Raise capable children! Be a team
  • Keep a chart so everyone knows their expectations
  • Family meeting weekly
  • Use a cleaning chart – I have one with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks.
  • Find your cleaning style – knock it all out in one day and quick tidy tasks throughout the week or zone cleaning (zone cleaning works best for busy moms)
  • Get help – even if it’s just monthly or every other month to do the daily or weekly tasks so you can use that time to focus on some of the bigger and less often does things like cleaning the baseboards
  • Start timeless masks first – laundry, pre soaking, pre spraying,
  • Do a load of laundry everyday – the Saturday Landry mountain sucks
  • Find a laundry system that works with your family. Some people use baskets and don’t fold especially kids clothes, some ppl need neatly folded things.
  • Set a 10 minute timer – usually will go longer than that
  • Make it fun for your kids