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How to Paint Furniture Without Sanding – Chalk Paint DIY


I love the way that old furniture looks once it has been painted.  Especially white.  However the work of sanding and priming…ya not loving that so much.  It just seems so daunting to do all that work! I thought chalk paint might do the trick. I was determined to make this a paint furniture without sanding DIY project!

I had these 2 orangish pine tall dressers given to me by my sister, and an off white dresser from my niece that had some nail polish stains, and chips.  I put them all together on one wall and wanted to paint them and change out the hardware. I am so impressed with the results.  It has been a couple of months and they have held up really well.

before chalk paint


As you know I am a busy mama, so I needed this project to be done quickly.  Which meant NO sanding, and NO primer. I mean finding the secret to paint furniture without sanding is a dream come true for this DIY loving mama with little time.

I used Rust-Oleum’s Chalk paint in Linen White (roughly $19 per 30 oz can in Canada).  Traditionally you are supposed to wax the chalk paint after to finish, and protect it but Rust-Oleum has a matte finishing paint that is a way easier, and better option.  There has been no scratches or dings, and it looks just as good as the day I painted it.  This brand also offers the chalk paint in a spray form which I also love and have used with success on many other projects.


I did 2 coats of the paint, and 1 of the sealant but if the furniture was going to be used in one of the kids rooms I think I would do a second sealant for extra protection.  I used a paint brush for the first coat to give it some texture to stick better, because there was a very high gloss finish on the pine furniture.  For the second coat I used a foam roller, it gave it a nice smooth layer, and it was very quick to apply this way.  Then I used a paint brush again to apply the finishing coat (Roughly $24 per 30 oz can in Canada). Cheaper on AMAZON.



Overall this was a very easy project and it looks like a cohesive set now.  I found these beautiful crackled glass knobs at home sense.  I had to search a couple of the stores because I needed 22 of them! One set has a slightly different shape but they still look amazing!

This project only took me 2 nap times, as I waited a full day before applying the finishing coat. The only sanding I did was on the short dresser as my niece had gotten some nail polish on it so I just sanded that to be smooth and level with the rest of the dresser.

Do you have a sturdy piece of furniture that is looking drab, but you think you can turn it to fab?  Use chalk paint! It is so easy to work with, and gets the job done quickly!

 Here it is in 7 quick steps.

  1. Patch any wholes, dings, scratches, and sand only these areas
  2. Clean Furniture with damp rag
  3. Apply paint with a paint brush – Use long strokes, going with the grain
  4. Apply 1 second coat (I used a foam roller)
  5. Third Coat if needed
  6. Allow to dry 24 hours
  7. Apply Mattle Clear coat with paint brush – Allow to dry 24 hours before putting things on surface

I would love to check out any of your DIY Chalk Paint jobs.  Leave me a link in the comments!

DIY Chalk Paint Project

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