Setting Goals as a Christian Women

I have spent a lot of time over the years wondering if setting goals is me trying to do things in my own strength. Is this really what my purpose is? Is this what God wants from my life? Thankfully the Lord has many answers to these questions within the pages of scripture.  How to live my best life. How to live your best life?

This is the beginning. A fresh start. A new mindset.

There is always so much hope as we start off a new year. We hope to leave the bad and the sin we struggled with in the past, behind and bring in all the good.  Maybe we weren’t the mom or wife we wanted to be. Maybe we struggled with not taking care of ourselves, or maybe we ate way too much junk and not enough nourishing food. Maybe we lost someone we loved and we spent a lot of time grieving. Maybe we had a big change, a move, a new baby…something to really knock us out of our routines. Maybe our homes are a mess and seem out of control. Maybe our financial situation is not doing well.

We are hoping this new year brings something better, something more. 

Joy, happiness, love and fulfillment. Financial freedom, a thriving marriage, and a healthy body, and mind. It all starts here. 

With reflection.  I did a deep dive post on yearly reflection and you can check that out here but today I want to talk about a complete life AUDIT. Not only are we reflecting on last year but we are deep diving into who we are at our core, our habits, our flaws, and our strengths. And we are getting detailed about different categories or roles in our lives

After becoming a mother, and then a foster parent I kind of lost who I was.
What used to be important to me changed and a journey to live my best life began. I got real with God, or God got real with me. Putting Him first has helped me in every area of my life. His way is the right and only way and his word is the truth.

I wanted to live a life that was purposeful, a life that I loved.
A life where I stopped living reactively and started living proactively. Where I was attuned to the father and walked by His shining guide.
I wanted a life where I not only set goals but crushed them.
I want to live my best life, and I want to be the best mom to my kids.
I was sick of feeling like I was drowning with too many balls to hold up in the air. Always dropping one or two.  Falling under the surface trying to catch my breath.
This all came to a head when I had a mental breakdown shortly after becoming a foster parent.
Ever since I have made a commitment to myself to live better. To do more for others while still caring for my well-being.

I have learned so much over the past 5 years that I wanted to share that with you.
I knew I wasn’t the only mom feeling overwhelmed, feeling like their life consisted only of diaper changes and breaking up sibling squabbles.
Mom’s struggling to keep their homes clean and organized and feeling guilty about it because they were a “stay-at-home mom”

I knew I wasn’t the only mom bothered by self-image after children, carrying around unwanted extra weight, dealing with no time for self-care and no time to eat healthily and work out.
I knew I wasn’t the only mom struggling with intimacy in their marriage because of the combined problem of exhaustion and feeling the farthest thing from attractive and totally touched out by the end of the day.

I knew I wasn’t alone.

I was overwhelmed, I was distracted. 

What I really wanted was to live my one God-given life well, I wanted to steward it well.

This post probably contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

I started making time with God a priority. Not just something that I engaged in when I needed God. I put Him first every single day. LIFE CHANGING.

I started living through the filter of what God wants from my life.

I started living for the simple sentence. One life.

What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind?  What sort of impact can I create? God’s got me here for a reason, I wanted to seek and know and live faithfully to what He had called me to. I wanted to understand my downfalls, give them to him and ask him to help me be better.
I knew I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed. I didn’t want to be impatient and angry. I didn’t want to be overweight and feel ugly.  I didn’t want to be selfish. I didn’t want to be constantly worrying about money.

I wanted a joy-filled motherhood. I wanted a crazy happy marriage. I wanted financial freedom. I wanted to help others. I wanted fulfilled relationships and most importantly a thriving spiritual life, where I was deeply connected to God.

I wanted my life to grow.  Nothing can grow without being measured so I created a Life Audit Ebook. To help me and to help you.
It is completely free in the content library (updated for 2023) scroll down to the bottom of this post for access.


Start living with purpose and living a life that you love.
This is the beginning. A fresh start. A new mindset.