What it’s like to be a BOY MOM

Well, we have had our beautiful boys for 5 and a half months now.  Background, diagnoses, and the fact that they are not “my sons” aside, wow can I just say boys are a whole different world than my girls!

The Mess!

I have had to get used to pee on the seat, pee on the floor, poop smeared on the toilet seat, and in general a whole lot more bathroom mess.  I mean the bath mat gets washed twice daily these days!

They are Wild!

This post probably contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

Some of the things I say now, that I never used to say are; “don’t climb the curtains, stop jumping off the top of the couch, sit and face your plate please, your penis is not a sword, clean up the pee if you make mess, inside voice please.”
It is exhausting.  My girls love to craft, play dress up (and super hero’s) play with dolls, colour, use their imaginations and are soft, gentle… overall relaxed.
The boys?  No way, they like to colour…walls, furniture and the floor.  They like to play with dolls, by pulling their heads off and throwing them at windows.  They don’t sit on the couch and use their imaginations, they are turning the couch upside down and using it as a rocket ship.
And what is with the obsession with their genitals?

Ugh this girl mom got thrown into the boy mom phase of an almost 2 and 3.5 year old real quick, and most days I feel like I am drowning. I crave to sit quietly, and change doll outfits, but thats no longer my reality, so I lay down in child’s pose, and let the boys jump off me and pretend I am a bucking bronco.  We race around the house all day, play monsters, super hero’s and they drive trucks all over my face.  I constantly have to chase them and build lego fortresses.

Did I mention they eat double what my girls eat??

I can’t wait for the weather to improve so we can get these boys some more outdoor play…. then maybe I won’t feel like I am drowning in pee, and wrestling matches. Until then sweet boys I will be your human trampoline.

Before I end this post I want to state that I do not mean to generalize.  I know your daughters may be more rough and tumble then your sons.  Or maybe your son is the quite creative type and not a busy body at all.  

Each and every one of our children is unique and beautiful, and the individual qualities of their personalities should be embraced.

 All I am saying is I feel like I have been transported into another world.
So Boy Moms, I give you mad props.  I don’t know if I am cut out for it!