Hot Mess Mom Culture – Don’t Give In.

Hot Mess Mom Culture Takes Over Social Media I’m sure you have seen those hot mess mom memes, seemingly bragging about the day’s failures, wearing it like some sort of trophy. It’s like in order not to feel shame in not being able to get it all done, or being all put together there is […]

Keeping Your Child Safe VS. Helicopter Parenting


Keeping Your Child Safe VS. Helicopter Parenting Today more than ever I think parents have the desire to keep their children safe. It’s the perfect storm of access to all of the evil in the world with a few clicks, the over-sexualization in our society, and the pressure that social media has made us feel […]

Simple Systems to Declutter with your Kids

minimalism and decluttering with kids

System Based Approach The best way to keep on top of clutter and get your kids involved in the decluttering process is to take a system-based approach. Which just means do something in the same order on a regular basis.  Establish Your Timeline What sort of timeline works for your family? A Saturday Morning quick […]