So I wanted to give you an update on our hopeful adoption, how our journey to our next babe is going.
The short story.  It’s not.

We are adopting through the foster care system in Ontario. I often get asked how long the process is. Well it’s been pretty long so far.

We have had the wonderful privilege of fostering 4 babes since February. but sadly, and happily they have moved either back home or on to a kin placement (family friend).

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As we approach the last week with our sweet girl we have had for 4 months, it is really hard.  With the other 3 goodbyes, we always had another babe to keep us busy and not dwell on the sadness of it.  This time, when we say goodbye our nursery will be empty.

Right now the agency has several open homes in our age group (0-4)  so we probably won’t get a call for a while.  This is good in the sense that it means more kids are safe in our community.  Just sad for us as we really enjoy fostering these little lives.  We truly believe we are meant to grow our family through adoption.  However adoption is not an easy thing no matter how you do it.  There is always waiting periods, and paperwork, and frustrations, and stress.

Lately part of me thinks why not just get pregnant again, and grow our family that way? I turn 30 in a couple of weeks, and although having another child biologically has not been completely ruled out, we do truly believe our path is supposed to be different.
It is hard when you have so much love to give, and you just want to take one of these kiddos in need, and give them a forever home.  It’s just finding that right kiddo for our family. We want families to be restored. We just know that this isn’t always the case and we want to be a forever family for one of these sweet kids. 

I know God has it all in control and I just need to be patient, and wait, but it is hard.  It has been 18 months since we started this journey and still not even a sign of a possible adoption for us.  Heck I could have had two biological babies in that time frame!!! OK OK that might be pushing it but seriously!!!

We don’t know when we will get the next call, and if that call will be “the one” or just another temporary stay, but we just pray for whoever that child may be.
In the meantime I plan on just being very present, and intent with our two daughters, focusing on them and being purposeful with how we raise them.
Fostering has been amazing but hard on them as well, and maybe this little break is just what our whole family needs.

One thing is for sure the house could really use some attention.  As I take a break from folding laundry (I kid you not I am on the 6th load with 2 more to fold and 2 more to wash and dry) to write this post, I am reflecting on things I used to do but haven’t been able to do since adding the 1 or 2 foster kiddos we have had over the last 8 months.
I’ve got some furniture projects I want to get done, the yard needs some serious work, the basement needs painting, the finances need to be organized, some sort of behaviour/reward chart needs to be situated, deep fall cleaning, goal settings, meal prepping.

All of this has fallen to the back burner for the sake of these kids.  So maybe God knows just what he is doing giving us this little break. (Doesn’t He always!)

If you have been following some of my other posts/youtube videos you may know I started a journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle about 6 weeks ago.  I feel so much better about myself already and have more energy for the kids but working out and taking the time to choose and prepare healthy meals is just another thing to fit into my day (hence why I am so behind on laundry).
So today as we celebrate/mourn the last day of summer, I am going into the fall with purpose, drive, and a fresh start.
Who knows, maybe my favourite time of year will bring the arrival of our forever child.  A mama can hope right?