Who packs for the foster care visit?

I released this video on my channel last week, and I was really surprised at how differently most agencies in the states do this.

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As foster parents in Ontario Canada we are expected to provide all the baby essentials or child’s essentials for an access visit.  This includes diapers, wipes, formula, food, toys, and extra clothing.
Most of the viewers were saying that the birth parents are expected to provide all of this and if they do not, then the child goes without.
Although I do not agree with the child going without, I do agree with birth families needing to provide these things.  To me, it shows a basic ability to provide for the child.
It seems silly to me that some foster care agencies do not allow the foster parents to send a backup bag, not only is this horrible for the child but it makes life hard for the foster parents, when the child returns in a soggy diaper, hungry with wet clothes.
Maybe the way my agency does it enables birth parents to be less responsible. Most of the parents we have worked with have brought some things for the baby but never the formula or diapers and wipes.  Usually some toys or books and maybe some clothes.
No matter how it is done, I want to try my best to set the parents up for success. I know what the child needs because I am the one who cares for them day in and day out and I am sure to pack anything they might need for that hour or 2 they are visiting with their birth parents.