Things are about to get crazy around here. We welcomed a new foster child today.

Today started as an ordinary day.  It was our 12 year “dating” anniversary.  Hubby had the day off work, and after taking the girls to preschool, we had a quiet morning cleaning up and hanging with the little babe.

Around 11am I turned off the vacuum, and checked my phone to see a missed “unknown” called.  My heart skipped a beat as it always does when I see the unknown pop up on my phone.  No voicemail.  I got a call a couple days ago about a sibling set who needed a home, and we currently are only open for one more child.  I thought maybe it was a call pertaining to those kids.

I looked up the number that I needed to call back and while doing that, my phone rang again.  Unknown. In a flurry of quick information, I found myself saying yes to a foster daughter. A little over a year old.

I knew hubby would be ok with it, I see the way he looks at our foster son.  He has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

Next thing I knew I was answering the door to a social worker carrying the most beautiful little girl, in clothing that didn’t fit, mismatched socks and a diaper bag with a few dirty clothes.

A shopping trip, a trip to the park, dinner, and a bath full of babies is how we finished the day.

Today started off as an ordinary day, but it sure didn’t finish that way.  My heart grew a little more, my house is a little fuller and we are officially a party of 6. For now. I’m blessed.

Things change so fast, with foster care.  A phone call changes everything.