We’ve been talking a lot about this in the past few weeks, but I want you going into 2020 with better habits and intentions when it comes to social media. I know, I talk about this a lot but I think it is so so important because;

a) Social Media isn’t going anywhere and

b) we are setting the example for our children’s future use of social media. 

Social Media is a great responsibility as women of God, and how we use it and how and who we interact with is important. 

Today I thought I would share about some ways to be more thoughtful with your social media usage. Especially if you find yourself just mindlessly scrolling just to scroll.

Track Use 

I mentioned how you can track your use on social media apps in the last episode but maybe you want to take it one step further. Physically write it down somewhere or jot it in the notes app on your phone. Hey, turn it into a visual graph if that’s your jam. Nothing can be changed or have positive growth if it is not measured. Remember the hours social media is taking from you every week. Sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture in order to make a change.

Share Bible Verses and Inspiring Quotes

A great way to be thoughtful and positive with your social media use is to share inspiring quotes and bible verses. Personally I love to see verses throughout my feed, designed on pretty wallpapers that make you want to share. More eyes on bible verses and positive words of encouragement can go along way in this broken and hurting world.

Share encouragement

It’s no surprise that we all go through difficult seasons of life. Let’s use these difficult seasons to help and encourage someone else currently going through something similar. Don’t let your pain and experience go without purpose. There can be a lot of healing or ourselves and the other person when we are willing to be vulnerable and encourage someone from our own pain.

Be Real

Authenticity goes a long way in a world full of showing only our highlight reels. I am all for a pretty feed if that makes you happy, but don’t be so worried about curating a perfect feed that you lose the humanness. Share your dreams but share your struggles. Document your victories but also document the journey that got you there. A perfect feed isn’t fooling anyone, and it’s often what we “highlight” most that is actually our biggest problems or insecurities. Don’t forget pursuing real will beat pursuing fake any day of the week. 

Stop Complaining

So I know I just encouraged you to be real and share your struggles, but if all you use social media for is to vent or to start arguments no one is going to want to interact with you. Personally the mom life is a hard life is a narrative I want no part in. If you are a mom, then you already know this gig is hard! The hardest thing you will ever do. You will feel like you are failing some days and rocking it other days but our culture perpetuates this hot mess mom culture that I for one am just so sick of. I don’t need to listen to someone complain about how hard there toddler is all day (I have one, I know!) So I encourage you to go back and read some posts, are you putting out a lot of negativity and complaining? Rants and rages? Misery loves company so the only people you are going to attract are people who sit and complain all day too. Just because we CAN share everything doesn’t mean we should. Yes, are there hard relatable moments that you can share to connect with another mama? Of course but I have seen many accounts that it’s just always so negative and complainy. Yes, I’m making up a word. And it’s so off putting.

Share ministries or shops for a cause

Help them get more exposure to the good deeds and service they are doing. Maybe you can’t afford to financially support a children’s home in Africa right now but you can share the cause and someone else may come across that post because of you and make a large donation. You never know! Sharing is caring on social media. If you love the work an organization or a small business is doing then share it with your friends! 

Don’t be obsessed over vanity metrics

I just love that IG has taken away the ability to see likes on a photo. I know this can be hard for some people who use their social media as a business to work with brands but the info is still there and can be shared with the brand. Now the whole world just can’t see it. The damage the “likes” are doing to teenagers in particular is devastating. A whole generation is growing up with this whole new social pressure. Their perception of themselves is so tied to likes, follows and other vanity metrics. This happens to moms too, not just teenagers. Remember at the end of the day people’s opinions should have no place in what you think if yourself. If you are living your life, honoring God and working hard at the life He has called you too, that is all that matters. 

Don’t be a stalker or consumer only

Social media is just that. Social. It’s easy to mindlessly scroll through your feed and not comment or like a photo. But engage with others, let them know you are there! I have made so many IG friendships that feel so strong, even though I have never met the person in real life. The ability to connect with like minded individuals, regardless of location is the best part about social media. So don’t just consume, if you are going to be on it then engage and let Sally know how adorable her kids are, or that you love Jane’s kitchen renovation. Tell Michelle how beautiful the items are in her small shop. We can use social media to lift each other up. You never know what a sweet comment or compliment will mean to someone. Share goodness. Be kind. Engage and connect. Stop the mindless scrolling.