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Product Review: Goodnites


Goodnites Bedtime Diapers

In the foster care world bed wetting is a common thing.  Not only for lack of good parenting practices, but also due to trauma and regression.  This can happen late into a child’s life.  We are very fortunate with our current 3.5 year old.  He is completely night trained and wakes up when he needs to go, then goes right back to sleep.

My biological daughter on the other hand still struggles with this.  She has been potty trained since 18 months old, when she basically trained herself after seeing her big sister use the potty.

At 3.5 she still wakes up every morning with a wet diaper.  We have tried regular “underwear styled” diapers as well as just plain old diapers, I even used cloth diapers thinking that if she felt the wetness she would not like that feeling, and night train.  Nothing seemed to work.

I was recently sent a complimentary box of Goodnites from Influenster for testing purposes.   I waited a bit before writing this review to get some good usage out of them before letting you guys know what I thought!

Now that we are almost out of the box, I will definitely need to re purchase.  She loves that they don’t feel like a diaper, she used to be embarrassed about me laying her down and fastening a diaper on like she was a baby.

She loves that they feel just like underwear, and she has no problem putting them on by herself as the sides are super stretchy.  That was a problem we had run into with other brands as she felt they were hard to get on and always needed my help.

Now we just send her to her room to get her “night night undies” and her jammies on and she does it all by herself, which makes this mama of 4 happy.

The absolute best part about this is that in the month we have used them, she has woke up dry 4 times.  Don’t get me wrong she has woke up wet all the other times, but I think because they feel more like underwear she feels like she should hold it rather than pee!  She has never woken up dry before so I have to attribute some of that to the goodnites!  Also I am happy to report that when she does wet, I have not yet had any leaks, as they are super absorbent.


Overall I am super impressed, and I will be purchasing these on the regular now instead of trying to save money on the bulkier knock off brand! Hopefully in another months time I won’t need to buy them at all though!   I hope this review helps you in deciding what the right night time diaper is best for your child!


This box was sent to me complimentary by Influenster, however all opinions expressed are of course my own! 

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