New Foster Care Placement Questions

Every time we get a foster care placement I have a list of foster care placement questions that I ask.  In the excitement of getting a new placement sometimes you forget to ask something important.  The more information you have about a child, the more equipped you are to say yes or no.

When the placement worker calls with a new foster care placement, a rush of adrenaline usually happens.  I mean this call potentially changes everything for your family.  In our case, that call could mean our forever child.  I am very eager to say yes, without really hearing what the placement worker is saying, and without asking the right questions.
Hindsight is 20/20 and we have learned from experience that maybe asking the proper questions would have saved us some really difficult times.  I do not regret any of our yeses.  These kids need it but the right questions would have helped us to be better prepared.  

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The thing with foster care is you cannot feel guilty about saying no.  There will always be another child, and you cannot take every child they call you with.
There are simple things like gender, age, health information etc.  However foster care and the children and families involved are multi-faceted and there is so much to consider before saying yes, or no to a placement call.

I highly recommend sitting down with your spouse and family, and coming up with your hard no’s.  What are you willing to say yes to, and what do you feel is too much for your family to handle.  Age groups, siblings, special needs, behavioural needs, heavy visit schedule etc.  If you do this it is much easier to not get in over your head, when you have said yes based on emotion.

Once the child is in your home, the more notes you keep the better.  You can document injuries, court dates, and when you have asked social workers for support and what the outcome was.  This is especially helpful if you have a large family, or you care for multiple foster children.

So if you are a foster mama, are in the process of becoming a foster mama, or know a foster mama, I have come up with a handy (and pretty) list to print off and have ready anytime the placement worker calls!

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