If you have a new baby on the way or will be welcoming one into your family soon, then you will know about all of the things that a baby needs. It isn’t just a case of getting a stroller and then you’re done; there are lots of other things that can be handy for a baby. But if you are looking to live more sustainably, as well as save money, then getting some pre-loved items for your baby can work just as well. Friends and family may even be giving things away, so as long as they are the right things; then what is stopping you?

If you want to save, then good quality toys, clothes, and items like blankets and strollers can be good to get secondhand, if you don’t want to get them brand new. Just check the quality of them thoroughly, and make sure that they have had a good clean. The thing is, that there are some items that are best to buy brand new. Here are a few of the things that you should avoid getting secondhand where possible, and the reasons why; some items are worth investing in.

Car Seats

When you have your baby in a car seat, you want them to be kept safe, as that is the primary reason for the car seat. But if you buy the car seat from a yard sale or on sites like eBay, then you don’t really know the history of the car seat. It could have been involved with an accident or dropped, or used incorrectly. All of which can cause damage to the seat and make it that it isn’t fit for purpose. So regardless of what a seller is saying, if you can’t trust that it has been looked after perfectly, then it is probably best to leave it.

Breast Pumps

If you are nursing then a breast pump can be really useful. But don’t get a secondhand pump; they are not made to be shared and they can even be unsafe to do so. They can never be 100% sterilized inside, so there could be bacteria in there from a while ago, as well as contaminated milk. So the best thing to do is to get a brand new one that you’re comfortable with (they are a pretty inexpensive item too).


Cribs and Moses baskets are not the best idea to share and keep passing down in the family. The thing is that the quality of the crib can deteriorate (think a wooden crib in a home with woodworm), as well as the safety legislation constantly changing. An older crib may not be up to the modern standard that you need. If you are tempted to buy second hand, then make sure you know that the crib or basket has all of its parts. If there are screws missing or things that are loose from them being dismantled and put back together again, then avoid.

Are there any items that you would add to the list? It would be great to hear what you think.

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