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Do you think it’s time that you updated your home? Maybe the decor and interior design is starting to look a little dated, or you just wish that you could brighten the place up with some decorating. I’m sure that you’d love to give your home a big makeover but, like with most people, worry about the cost that will be involved. After all, decorating even just one room can be quite expensive these days!

Thankfully, you might not have to completely redecorate. There are a few small changes that you might be able to make to your rooms that can help give them a completely refreshed feel even if little has really been changed. What’s more, you can often carry out these changes for a fraction of the price of decorating. Read on to find out more!

Double Glazing
If your home has been starting to feel a bit draftier, there could be some issues with the insulation. Do you know how old your property’s windows are? If they are over a decade old, then they could be the cause of the issue, and it might be the time you swapped them for some new double glazing. Getting new windows will cut out any drafts, and they will also help your home to retain heat much better than before. Not only that, though, but installing some new double-glazed windows can help to really enhance your property’s exteriors. Don’t worry about the cost of new windows as they are now a lot cheaper than what they were a couple of decades ago. Plus, some double glazing firms now offer competitive price plans so that you can spread the cost out over a few months if needed.

Bifold Doors
Similar to double glazing, if you have some patio doors that lead out to your garden, you might want to consider replacing them with bifold doors. These are just like patio doors, but they come with the added bonus of being foldable so that you can pull them right back. This, in effect, creates a large doorway from your home right into your garden. This effect will be extremely beneficial for smaller homes as it can really open up the room. In the summer, you will be able to leave the doors wide open so that it feels like the home spills out into the garden.

A Kitchen Island
If you think that your kitchen needs a bit of a revamp, you should consider adding a kitchen island. This will provide you with some extra worktops that you can prepare your food on. Some people also like to place their stovetop onto their kitchen island so that they can cook and prepare all of their meals right in the middle of the room. This then saves the worktops on around the walls for other tasks. A kitchen island is also a great storage solution for the room as many of them feature a cabinet or cupboard in the base.

More Storage Units
Of course, some of you might want to know how to make some practical changes with your home that can help you deal with clutter and other issues. If you find that you are in an ongoing battle with clutter and are always trying to tidy your house, it could be worth investing in some more storage units. Not only will a new chest of drawers or cupboard help give you some more storage options in your house, but it could also add a bit of extra style to your home as well. If you take a look online at some furniture store websites, you will see that there are some really fashionable storage units available to buy at the minute!
An Accent Wall
If you are on quite a tight budget and don’t have too much money to put towards any small changes to your home, you could just create a simple accent wall in your living room. This is one wall that stands out from all the others and creates a focal point in the room. They are very easy to create. To start off with, you might want to paint it a different color to the other walls in the room. If you do this, the accent wall needs to be a color or shade darker than the others. If you do it the other way around, then the room might feel a bit too dark. Another great idea is to create it by making it a gallery wall. This is very easy to achieve as you just need to hang a selection of framed photos and artworks onto the wall. These will all certainly attract everyone’s attention as soon as they enter the room.

Update Window Treatments
You might be surprised at just how much different updating your window treatments can make to your whole home. You don’t have to go to too much effort here. Simply changing the curtains or blinds will make a big difference. If you want to do a bit more, you could paint the window ledge and add a few different ornaments of houseplants to it. This will certainly brighten up what was a boring old window feature!

Reupholstering Furniture
If your current furniture is looking a bit tired and dated, you might think that you will need to completely replace it. Don’t worry, though, you might not have to go to all that expense. If you enjoy being creative, you might want to try reupholstering your furniture instead of throwing it out and buying new pieces. This is by far the cheapest option! You just need to buy some material from your local craft shop. It’s also a good idea to pick up needles and thread if you don’t already have them while you are there too. Then you can get to work and start making your furniture items look as good as new again!

Hopefully, all of these small changes can help you make some big differences to your home!