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So this is 30


Well I was kind of dreading the big day.  The big 3-0.  For some reason it feels like the end of my youth.  Like being 30 makes me a real adult now.

I am sure in ways that is true, but as I stopped and looked back on all I have accomplished in my 30 years of life, I am pretty darn happy to be turning 30.

happy birthday

First of all the older I get the more, and more tragic young deaths I am hearing/witnessing.  I am so thankful to have made it to 30 – when tomorrow is never promised , I am thankful God has allowed me to live 30 beautiful years.  30 means I have been married for 7.5 years and am only a few short years away from being loved by my husband for more of my life than not (we met when I was 17) and I think that is pretty dang cool.

My 20’s made me a mother but my 30’s will allow me to see these beautiful girls grow into amazing people.  Watching them go to school, and start a life semi independently from me.  We made a move to a new city a couple years ago and I have met some really incredible people that will make my 30’s so full with their friendship and love.

happy 30th birthday

When I look back on my 29th year specifically, it was a pretty big one for me.  I became a foster parent, and have had the joy of loving on 4 sweet babes this year.  That has taught me so much, changed me forever, and realized what laying down your life for others really feels like.

I quit my job that I loved, to stay home full time with my family, and pursed my own work from home business, that although has been tough not being able to rely on a steady pay cheque, it has blessed me in many ways.

Nothing brings me more joy, then to spend so many precious moments with my family.  Being 29, turning 30 was a big year of self realization, I started listening to what my mind, and body were telling me and it made me realize the value of health.  I am a little over 2 months in to an amazing healthier lifestyle and my mind and body thank me for it every day, I am excited to see where I will be at by 31.

Overall saying goodbye to youth is hard but being a real true adult kicks ass!  I have a new sense of empowerment.  I did so much in my 20’s when I was still trying to figure out who I was.  My 30’s are going to be amazing, because I know who I am and I know what I want, and I have an amazing army of people who love me for me, and have filtered out the people that were either toxic, or just meant to be there for a sesaon.

birthday party

My prayers/thought/goals for the next year.

I pray for our forever child.  We truly believe that God will bless our family through adoption.  I pray I don’t have to say goodbye too many more times before signing the official papers to make our next kiddo ours.

I pray for some more financial freedom, our 20’s were tough financially with me being pregnant back to back, and choosing to stay home, with my husband trying to establish his career (he was officially licensed 2 months ago woot woot!) he was layed off many times in his 6.5 year journey to becoming an electrician.

We bought 2 homes, we bought necessary and unnecessary things to start our life together, and we spent a lot of money on our kids.  We have struggled, but its all been worth it.

I am praying for my business to get a bit busier and for my blog to become more established.   I am praying for security for my husbands job, as we know another lay off is likely, and where God will lead him to work next.   We want to be able to give more in our 30’s, and to travel more.  Definitely praying for the finances to be able to see more of the world,  we want to take our girls on a missions trip and we would love a second honeymoon!

Passion – I know I am passionate about foster care, and adoption.  I am passionate about making people feel beautiful on the inside and out.  I am passionate about my family, and friends, and empowering mothers to raise beautiful little people.  I am passionate about yummy food.  I am passionate about the Lord and living for Him.

My goal is to work hard and love hard, and heighten all these passions.

Change is welcomed, waiting is worth it.  I pray for patience, perseverance, and  to accept the people and things in my life with open arms.  This is 30 and 30 is awesome.

lessons learned in my twenties


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