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Hey Mama

Welcome to the Love Mother Blog

I’m Kait

foster to adopt

A Christ following, work from home mom, foster parent and blogger with big dreams.

I adore my husband, my kids, sunsets and coffee.

Being a foster parent has been my most important life’s work. I have had the honour of being a temporary mom to 9 sweet kiddos and counting. Currently loving on our sweet Rosie* (name changed for privacy)

I have a broken heart for orphans, for vulnerable children. Standing up for these kids is important work. No child deserves to grow up without parents. A safe place to land as they navigate childhood. You will see my broken heart for these kids throughout the content of this blog and I hope you realize that you have the ability to change the life of one (or more) kids. I am passionate about battling the orphan care crisis.

I am forever grateful to our creator and I accept the beautiful gift of life and motherhood by filling my days full of purpose.

Motherhood is full, enriching and also exhausting. Everything changes when you become a mom and it is easy to lose yourself to motherhood.

I certainly did.

After a miscarriage, 2 babies 17 months apart and then becoming a foster parent I totally lost myself to motherhood. I forgot who I was among the spit up, poopie diapers and tantrums. I gained a ton of weight, was dealing with new issues in my marriage and was struggling with life in general. 

I was living day by day wondering where the hours went and watching my life slip away to overwhelmed, unorganized chaos and I was wondering what my purpose in this world was.

But the good news is I found myself again and I am determined to empower other moms who feel overwhelmed and lacking purpose to realize their true worth in Jesus Christ. To teach them systems, rhythms and routines to thrive in their role as mom. To simplify the excess and have the time to focus on what matters most.

You were created for such a time as this. Being the mom to your children was no mistake. But between trying to do it all, comparing yourself to other moms on social media, and our constant go go go busy culture it is easy to feel like you are just reacting to life and watching it slip by instead of proactively choosing to live a life of purpose, build the kingdom and fulfil your important role as God’s child.

I know there are other moms in this hard season of parenting littles, losing who you were before you were “mom” and feeling a bit lost. Feeling unmotivated to get out of sweatpants, feel your best and wondering is there more to life then poopy diapers and all day snacks?

foster care and adoption blogAlways putting everyone before yourself and having no time left over for things that you love and that fulfill your life.

I want moms to find true happiness, to love their motherhood and not just count down the hours until bedtime. I am passionate about moms living their best life, not overwhelmed and reacting but being proactive, living with intention and thriving in a fulfilled life that you love.

Foster parenting changed me. Self-care changed me. Simple living changed me. Minimalism changed me. Systems and rhythms changed me. Living beyond myself changed me. Living for Jesus saved me.

I lost and found myself in motherhood and want to help other moms go from overwhelmed and surviving to fulfilled and thriving.

foster mom blog

As we all know motherhood means wearing many hats and on the blog, I share my thoughts, experience and research on topics such as

  • Foster Care and Adoption
  • Intentional and Purposeful Living – simplicity, minimalism, goal setting, routines and rhythms
  • Faith – Gospel-Centred Parenting, Marriage and Life.
  • Overall mom life – productivity, organization, family activities, family travel, housekeeping, cleaning etc.

Being a foster family has been so rewarding. So fulfilling. I share this foster family blog to encourage others to do hard things.

Your Benefit

I am here to serve, encourage and equip others on a similar life journey or who want to be on a similar life journey.

I want to connect you with resources, help you win at #momlife, embrace your purpose and live a life you love.

I want you to feel confident and successful in your role as a mother.  I want you to love your motherhood because friends as they say the days are long but the years are short, and “how you spend your days is how you spend your life.” Annie Dillard 

motherhood blog

I believe life is not meant to be lived comfortably, but meaningfully.
I am a mama on a mission to serve Jesus. 

I also share life over on YouTube, so be sure to check out my channel and subscribe and hit that bell if you like what you see over there!

I am wondering if any of the following resonates with you?

  • It seems hard to find your purpose in this world
  • It’s hard to adapt to your new role as a mother
  • Each additional child just gets you more and more overwhelmed
  • At bedtime, you feel like you were not productive, nothing was accomplished and all you want to do is collapse into bed
  • You are a new foster or adoptive parent and you are looking for help/support/resources
  • You are craving your spirit to be nourished, to connect with your creator, your purpose and living life in light of the gospel
  • You are craving to feel like you have a handle on this whole motherhood thing. If so I think you are in the perfect place.

    Let me help. I’m here to listen and I’m here to serve. I have many posts, videos and resources to allow you to LOVE your motherhood and your life. If you are interested in foster parenting and adoption I’ve got you covered.

I am not overwhelmed (most of the time). I have implemented systems and rhythms that make life easier. My spirit and soul are nurtured through priorities, giving back, and my family and home life are amazing. I am not saying this to brag, and of course, I have hard days but I want to help you love your motherhood. I want you to feel fulfilled and happy.

Well if you read to here…THANK YOU!


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