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Stay at Home Mom Monday GYLT


What is the stay at home mom Monday GYLT you may ask?  Well, it is the day to “Get. Your. Life. Together.”

I  know many people do this Sunday but for us, we keep Sunday as a sabbath day and our family day. We do minimal cleaning, and preparing for the week ahead. Instead we do church, family lunch, often a nap and then a picnic at the park, or another fun family event.

For us this works. I work from home and do not have a busy week of being away from my home ahead. It is a lot easier for me to get my life together Monday when the kids are back at school, my husband is back at work and its just me and the babes.  It’s my day to do a deep clean, get organized for the week, reassess goals and plans and just get my life together!

My mom saw this video that I am going to post below and she was shocked and appalled that I showed my messy house to you, I think she forgets what its like to have little destroyers constantly undoing everything you just did! This mess was simply from 24 hours of not cleaning like a crazy person… I mean there was a bit extra because we had 2 birthday parties that Saturday and were out all day for fathers day on Sunday so the supplies just got dropped wherever for me to put away and tackle on Monday. But this real mess happens when you have a small army of little people.

I want to be real with you guys. So often in the social media world, we find ourselves comparing our motherhood to others. They seem to be put together all the time, with perfectly clean houses and the best behaved children. Well friends its not like that over here and I am sure many of you can agree. People post their high light reels on social media and I know its left me feeling inadequate.

I decided many months ago I am no longer comparing myself to others. I am only improving on who I was yesterday. I hope to encourage you to do the same.

In order for me to live a life I love, I identified what made me feel calm and happy.  What made me feel like I was impacting this world and what made me love my motherhood.  Part of that is being organized, simplifying things, living with less and having a plan for my future.

I know God is in complete control but He puts thoughts and ideas in to your brain for a reason, He gives you passions and likes and dislikes, He gives us convictions.   You need to actively be pursuing your best life, a life that honors him and a life that gives back. It scares me how selfish our culture is. It is not how I want to raise my children.

Well, I think I am going off on a rabbit hole here so I will save that topic for another day but check out the video. Feel better about yourself because of my mess, and set one day a week to reset and get your life together!

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    11/27/2018 at 4:35 pm

    Hi Kait
    My husband and I are in the process of becoming approved to be foster parents. We are looking to foster older youth ages 16 to 21. In the agency that we are fostering with you would need to be a stay at home parent in order to foster younger children. This is something that I would like to do but am in school and need to finish first before I can stay at home. Any ways just wondering how you are able to stay home and not work. Is it difficult to make the ends meet? Im not sure that we can financially afford to live off of my husbands income. Any tips or tricks you can give me?

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