strong marriage before foster parent

Strengthen Your Marriage Before You Become a Foster Parent

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Strong Marriages before Foster Parenting

  • Be Humble
  • Be one each others team – lots of extra stress on a marriage
  • Go to counselling
  • Don’t give up your hobbies and give each other time for that
  • Work through Infertility
  • Weekly Check ins
  • Pray Together – Seek God separately but together as well
  • Define boundaries – what behaviours, diagnose’ ages can you handle
  • Schedule regular respite or breaks
  • Be a team – Don’t be selfish Love them more than you love yourself when you love like that regardless of how are acting towards you with the addition of praying for them you will see how they will change.
  • Don’t do this if your marriage isn’t strong to begin with – A Rocky marriage Is no place for a foster child – the biggest thing they need is stability and if you cannot provide that than just don’t do it.