I wrote an Instagram post the other day after getting more news about our foster love. It was about how I am struggling to find joy in the wait.

I am by nature an optimist, I like to see the good in people, situations and hardships. I always look for the silver lining.
Foster Care can beat you down.
We became foster parents in the hopes of giving a child who truly needed a family a permanent and loving family. Also, to help kids and their families in our community along the way.

I, of course, cannot get into details but our current foster love really needs a forever family. We are so ready to give that to her but we are working with a very flawed system.
To me this is frustrating, tiring and brings me to tears almost daily it seems.
This week a foster mama friend was told she has to say goodbye to her little one she has had over a year. Another friend has to disrupt her placement because the trauma stemmed behaviours are too overwhelming to protect the safety of her core family.

This week thousands of kids across the country are coming into foster care. So much hard. It can be so hard to find the joy in the system. So hard to find the joy in the broken world.

This post probably contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

But there is joy. James 1: 2-3 always brings me comfort when I am facing anything difficult.
Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.
Life on earth is short. Life with Jesus is eternal. What we do here on earth matters. Trials we face matter. Kingdom work matters.

There is joy in that.

So instead of focusing on all that is hard, the bad news, the wait the “broken system.”
I focus on the giggles, the pudgy fingers that cling to my neck, the walk/run of a precious toddler.
I focus on the stories of forever families. For amidst the broken stories there are plenty of great redemption stories.
I focus on our good, good God. He can, He will and even if He doesn’t. There is a reason for everything and God works all things together for our good. 

I wrote this post a while back and was kind of wallowing in it and hadn’t posted it yet.  I just kept on keeping on and focused on the things that do bring me joy and eventually I stopped wallowing and just rejoiced in the wait. So mama if you are in this same space just please focus on these verses. Choose joy, don’t give up hope. 

Here is a video where I talk more about it keeping the joy in the adoption wait.